Saturday, 8 August 2020

South African Punk Rock Sampler: Croakroom Records Promo-Release Sampler 2000

I got this for 5 or 10 rand at one of my first local punk shows in Cape Town. 
Back in the year 2000. 
Croakroom Records was a small punk rock label based out of Pretoria.
They did mail order. 
You could also pick up any Croakroom release at any of the bands shows.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Electric Dreams EP by All These Wasted Nuts

"Electric Dreams is an adventure away from the guitar and washboard setup that ATWN is known for." It's a, mostly, electric punk rock record... even though it's listed on under Non-punk Anarchist Music...


1. The Price Of Bread / Politics Of The Apocalypse 00:53
2. Xenophobic Dystopia 02:11
3. I Benefited From Apartheid 01:12
4. insert 02:01
5. Occupy Cape Town 02:25
6. Noisy Song 04:13

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mixtape 2017 by We Did This Records


1.The Pissups - Humdrum 04:20
2.HOURS - Some Days, Most Nights 02:48
3.Brainwreck - Trapped 01:36
4.The Shabs - Stop Me 02:48
5.Monday Morning Justice - Drunk before a meeting 04:02
6.The Near Misses - Broken Inside 04:09 
7.No Comply - My Mother's Punk 03:25
8.Crumbs - Dig 02:02 
9.Peasant - Drowning 01:59 
10.The Deadly Bites - Control 03:27 
11.The Bad Ass Execx - Thought Machine 02:08 
12.TRASHCAN - Stop 01:47 
13.Apocalypse Later - Mammal Girl 03:58 
14.Atom Band - Crash Ballad 02:29 
15.Satanic Dagga Orgy - Satanic Dagga Orgy (Slight Return) 03:15 
16.Dali Sins - Love Is Waning 02:55 
17.CROSSFIRE COLLISION - Burden 02:45 
18.Midget Submarine - Hello Houston 02:42 
19.Misled - Ghost of You 03:43 
20.Penny Vagrant - The Mirror and the Knave 03:47 
21.Dwayne's Emblem - The Easiest Things 03:09 
22.Swatting Bats - St Prick 03:15 
23.TCIYF - Fatherless Kids 02:02 
24.Tokolosh Nightmare - Minute Living 03:21 
25.All These Wasted Nuts - Cage Madness 01:53 
26.The SlashDogs - Parting Shot 03:04 
27.Matt Vend - Bambelela 06:46 
28.Japan and I - Riverside Friend 03:04 
29.The Pecking Order - Psycho Love 03:05 
30.Distorting The Stillers - Flourish 02:44 
31.Jon Shaban - Product Of The World 02:59 
32.Ded End - Free Dumb 02:29 
33.Bottom Feeder - Infiltrator 01:19 
34.FiveSidedDice - Monophobia 04:37 
35.Cami Scoundrel - Three Can Keep a Secret 02:03 
36.Slippery When Wet - Gold Chains 03:42 
37.Half Price - Friends and family 03:35 
38.Undead Generation - Numbers (Adicts cover) 02:32 
39.The 23 Carbines - Dave's Rant 01:46 
40.Part-Time Pirates - Pirates' Land 03:31 
41.The Bad Guys - Dem Bo (unmastered mix) 02:13 
42.The Meerkat Mob - Ready Set 03:58 
43.Klumbsy Oxx - Who's A Freak? 02:29 
44.Make-overs - Spell Cup 04:08 
45.The Moths - Depth Charge 02:20 
46.Life Below - Heavy Chains 01:30 
47.Provider - The Pearl 03:10 
48.Noxious Terror Strike - Trophy 02:15 
49.Touched By Nausea - Which Apocalypse 02:44 
50.Demogoroth Satanum - Kingdom ov Hell 07:20 
51.Bolleria Industrial (Spain) - Hermanos 01:21 
52.The Missing Leech (Spain) - Painted By Covers 02:33 
53.Brett Newski (USA) - D.I.Y. (Live from Dan's House) 04:20

Thursday, 3 August 2017

We Paid For This Firepool by Monday Morning Justice

Monday Morning Justice or MMJ started as a solo folk punk project in Middelburg, Mpumalanga... A very conservative, religious and racist town to be playing fast atheistic folk music with political undertones. Now with a full band backing up a snot filled collection of very intricate punk rock songs, with heartfelt lyrics. This is a must listen to album.

"But can you find a better friend 
than one who helps you jump the fence, 
looks out when you slash their tires, 
burns a flag when you're cold and tired 
A brother, a sister, an open hand 
mother can you understand we live a life we've never owned 

So whisper softly sabotage 
and wither slowly this visage. 
Now we know the blood of kings 
is spilled as easy as those who sin 
Shape this country into land 
and share it with your fellow man, 
there are greater uses for this fire 
but none as great as to burn their empire!

The fathers who brought us to a land where 
the children scream: "Why?!!!" 
As I awake with a skull in my hand 

Betray all that history has written 
Now that their aren't any statues left, 
to obscure the view I hope we see thee embers 
of our burnt brothers who cross borders 
Now that there aren't any lights on nowa' days 
I hope we notice their... 
I hope we notice their... 
I hope we notice their hue"

Folk, Blues, Ska, Punk out of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Bad Vibes by FREExMONEY

For those of you into thrashy hardcore FREExMONEY is a new Joburg based band born from members of Conqueror, Brafcharge and Goat Throne. They have a self released collection of 7 songs titled Bad Vibes and two videos up.

Pick up the music HERE

They will be playing some shows this September on Slander's (Italian HC) South African tour.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

SAPD (South African Punk Downloads) MIX TAPE ONE

A collection of some songs.

A.W.O.L - We Want A Revolution
All These Wasted Nuts - I Benefited From Apartheid
Atom Band - Betsy (Stalker Sympathy)
Brafcharge - Marikana
Captain Stu - Value Systems
Car Boot Vendors - An Honest Love Song
Conqueror - I Am Pain
Contramundi - Feedback
Corax - Death Spiral
Fruits Veggies - Without A Gwaai or a Cent
Fuzigish - Little Bird
Gentlemen Callers - I Stopped Caring
Gross Misconduct - Flags From Ashes
Hog Hoggidy Hog - African Son
Japan And I - By the Braai
JP Mayers - Jozi
Leek & The Bouncing Uptones - Racist
LP SHOW - driving in d minor
Make-Overs - Too Far
Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Justifying Apathy
Mental junto - Greater good
MiSLeD - Hatemale
Monday Morning Justice - heart-dis-ease
Outrage - Capitalism Close Up Shop
Power Age - Smash the AWB [side 2- TLD- '7- 1987]
Provider - The Pearl
Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - Those Grey Men
Red Brigade - Beer song
sibling rivalry - xephon
Skelm Helm - NoChoice
SKUNKS - Zombie March
Sleeping At The Popes - New South Africa
Sloppy Folk - Fixed Dice (Electric)
Solitary Confinement - Convenient Evil
Sticky Antlers - Sick Man Of Africa
Still Thinking - Boys In Blue
The 85ers - Wooden Toy
The Bone Collectors - Circus
The Brother Moves On - Dagiwe
The Dollfins - Kiss Me Quick
The Finger - Anti-Social Tennis
The Nomadic Orchestra - Hell
The Trees - Burn This City
The Tubby Wilsons - & Jeffrey Learnt Absolutely Nothing
The Vendetta Cartel - Hidden Evil
The Vodun Haunts - Midnight Curse
Touched By Nausea - The Ecological Footprint
Toxic Death Kommando Militia - Unemployment
Two Weeks Old - ADD
War on Salt - Ska Government

Hope everyone is ok with the songs being used. The idea is: "Would it not be kinda nifty to try to compile one song from virtually every local punk band EVER in a set of archives that can be streamed or downloaded?"

Help with band suggestions and sourcing the songs for the next ones would be swell :)

This blog has been started to try and put together a documented audio history of past and present music from the South Afican punk scene / DIY underground.
This is about sharing some of the music we make and have made. rather than trying to sell a product.
Most of everything posted is out of print + permission to post from the creators of the work, will have been granted, but sometimes this can be very difficult... if not impossible.
So if you have a copyright issue with something and would like it removed please let us know.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Undead Generation is a Punk band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Undead Generation (formerly known as The Tsotsis) is a young punk band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They started during June 2012 and play lively punk rock jams with a wide range of influences. It is very interesting seeing something like this, in this day and age, and also coming out of a place like PE! (nothing comes out of PE).

Get their 4 track "Kak Cool Demo": Here!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Punk Fuck: A Glimpse Into Soweto's Punk Scene

TCIYF - by Leigh Lobotomy
Welcome to Soweto's emergent punk scene. Hope you survive the experience.

The JHBLive team take a look behind the scenes at Punk Funk, the second event bringing punks from throughout Johannesburg together for one massive gig in Dube, Soweto.

*Shot & Edited by Cale Waddacor

To read our full feature article, 'Peaceful Punks Of Soweto', go here: Here

"We want to see young kids interested in instruments. We want them to turn away from the commercial bullshit that spews garbage about bling and chains. This is real music and we want real people keen on it." - Mbuso "Moose" Zulu

*Interviewees: Clint Hattingh, Sechaba, Pule, Moose Zulu
*Performances: Black Magic Moonshine, Loui Lvndn, The Deaf Commission, Afgepis, Death Pegasus, T.C.I.Y.F, Brafcharge, The Carniwhores, The Moths, The Left-Overs, Fridge Poetry, The Slashdogs, Home At Last, Brainwreck, Jonny Joburg

Friday, 7 February 2014

Toxikus Obliterate

Toxikus Obliterate is an Album-Minus-Band work of punk rock splendour by the kid on the cover of this 1991 skate mag.

Jon-Pat Myers (ex Toxik Sox guitarist) Belts out some of the best punk rock jams South-Side of the equator.

This long overdue batch of previously unreleased mayhem (a small excerpt from his library of 4-track self recorded demos) is out on We Did This. God Help you all.

*Toxik Sox was an apartheid era johannesburg punk band

Here -

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Armour For Nightmares Are Back!

We spent our high school years together going to punk rock shows, listening to Deftones on repeat, skateboarding around the suburbs and spending weekends starting short-lived bands in sealed up spare rooms and basements.

Our musical tastes were bolstered after hearing Poison the Well's Tear From The Red for the first time in 2003, inspiring us to start a new band.

This first line up consisted of Jon on drums, David on lead guitar, Kimon on rhythm guitar and Brett on bass and vocals.

Steven came on board as a vocalist a few months after when we discovered he could scream while singing along to Finch's Falling Into Place EP. Up until that point, none of us (including himself) knew he could.

It might sound trivial, but that was a huge step for us, having a singer who could produce the same sounds as the vocalists from the bands we were getting into.

With Steven joining the line up, Brett was free to focus on melodic vocals, giving the band its distinctive dual vocal sound. David would also often provide additional vocals, as heard at the end of our first release 'Icarus Theory'.

Kimon performed at numerous live shows and contributed to a lot of the initial song writing process (his metal inspiration can be heard in 'Life Through Lesson') but had to make the hard choice of leaving the band to focus on his studies in 2005.

We were heart broken, but Armour had turned into something we couldn't give up on and our friend Jon Shaban, who we had been experimenting with on violin, joined on guitar and backing vocals, adding a whole new element to the band.

In our time together we performed at numerous clubs across the Western Cape including Mercury, The Whammy Bar, Wynberg Sports Club, Lanner's Landing, The Purple Turtle, Gandalf's, Roots and Acoustic Cafe.

Festivals include Knife Fight Festival II and III, Witchfest, Riot at the Madhouse and Rocktopia.

Armour disbanded after finishing our full length self-titled album, which was recorded and engineered between 2006 and 2007.

Our personalities, looming professional occupations, studies and the stress from gigging almost non-stop since our inception were all contributing factors, but we remained close friends and consider those old issues to be dead and buried for good.

In 2014 we announced a reunion show.

This is something we have been talking about for a long time but haven't been able to realise with Steven living in the UK. We're not sure what's to follow but are extremely excited and incredibly humbled by the interest in this event. We're going to make it worth your while. - from the band

ARMOUR REUNION SHOW. 30/01/2014. RAGAZZI. - tonight!

Self Titled

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Beware of The Moths!

A unique blend of surf-rock, from the land with no beach, for your listening pleasure!

Beware of The Moths!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HOURS by Hours (Durban)

When people grow up, their views change. You probably feel differently about almost everything, right now, compared to the way you did, back when you were younger.

Pauly Shore films: that shit was hilarious – now they're close to unbearable.

Meteors: As adults, we think they’re the most kick ass thing ever. They’ve made valuable contributions to science and our comprehension of space and the universe. They just freaking rule.

But as kids: we hated them. We blamed them for taking away what we loved most: the dinosaurs. They were the worst thing ever.

Point is: there are very few things that you still feel the same way about – from adolescence through to adulthood. For the dudes in Hours, that thing is pop punk.

In 2010, Matt began writing some songs and recording them at home without much intent to actually do something serious with them. Then one day, hanging out with his homie, Marc, he was convinced to get the fuck into a studio, record the tracks professionally, and release an EP through Marc's label, High Seas Records. So he hit up Bro Studios and recorded some of the shit he had written – with him nailing all guitars and vocals, and Paul (Bro Studios engineer) drumming. Some time after that, he showed the material to another homie, Ally. Super stoked on it, Ally immediately got involved, picking up bass duties and co-writing, alongside Matt, on what was left of the EP. Hours is practically a collaborative effort between friends, with different musicians featuring and playing their respective instruments on the EP.

We have a pretty fucking sweet time doing this shit.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Theatre (Cape Town) - Atlantic

Theatre was an experimental chaotic hardcore outfit formed in South
Africa, in mid-2008, after the expiration of its member’s previous
bands. They bring genre-smashing music to the foreground that is both
unique in construction and chaotic in design. Theatre was
characterised by notably destructive, yet emotive performances with
live shows that truly defied the norm.

RIP. 2008 -2011

Atlantic by Theatre 

released 10 December 2010 

Theatre was:
JJ van Rooyen :: Vocals 
Duke Negus :: Guitars 
Byron Jones :: Guitars 
Jay-Dee Bekker :: Bass Guitar 
Tarquin Jones :: Drums/Percussion

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Wild Youth story (1976-1980) and growing up in Apartheid era South Africa.

'Wild Youth started in March 1978 but the story began a year before. We grew up in the suburbs along the North Coast about ten miles away from Durban. Wild Youth was born out of boredom, my friend Mark Dyson and I bored out of our skulls sitting in his lounge listening to Rolling Stones records. Sometimes our friend Peter Kunst would join us but he had a girlfriend so he had less free time. Boredom is good for rock and roll. Mark and I decided to start a punk band with Peter. Peter would play bass and sing. I would play guitar and sing and Mark would play the drums. We decided to call it The Fourth Reich, a stupid name as we weren’t fascist or racist just young dumb and wanted to cause a reaction. My dad had grown up in Czechoslovakia under Nazi oppression and he has told me some horrific personal recollections from those days but that is a story in itself...'

Full article here: