Thursday, 22 November 2012

Too Much, by Make-Overs (PTA)

The fourth album from Pretoria Noise Rockers

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Kilnerpark, Pretoria, South Africa

Make-Overs = A(guitar, vocals, loops) + M(drums, vocals, samples)

Even though the Make-Overs might have started off as some unidentifiable apparition lurking around the edges they have managed to methodically inch their way forward into the popular consciousness through intense self reliance, integrity, grit and determination.

With some highly regarded and influential past bands behind them, Andreas (Guitar/Vox) and Martinique (Drums/Vox) have come a long way together and for the last decade have released 30 full length albums in various projects. One of their previous projects of note was legendary local underground phenomena: Sticky Antlers, featured in Punk Rock in Africa (alongside the Make-Overs) as the Punk representative of Pretoria and voted “bright young thing 2009” in Art SA, as well as being mentioned in Mail and Guardian (Lloyd Gedey), Beeld, Sunday Times Magazine August 2012 (as part of Diane Coetzer’s article on great Rock Bands), The Weekender and having their debut self titled album released on Paul Riekert’s label One F Music. Unfortunately the Sticky Antlers had to disband after Damon Civin (Guitarist and general noise maker) was accepted on a full scholarship into Cambridge UK, and if you knew the Sticky Antlers you’d know not a single member could ever be replaced. The end of Sticky Antlers meant the beginning of something new and in June 2010, the couple realised that by stripping down to the bare elemental sonic needs they could create the full fledged sound that most 4 piece acts still can’t reach.

Any comparisons to other duo’s will be swiftly forgotten after seeing their fierce and frantic live shows, catapulting the audience into an unstoppable hypnotic state, with an electric stage presence that just can‘t be ignored and delivered with an unapologetic punk attitude. Initially seen as a garage rock/surf/punk band, but with the release of Centipede-sing-a-long and their recent live shows it’s clear that the Make-Overs have grown into more than just another “one trick pony“ creating a sonic template bursting with an endless stream of inventive possibilities that cut through you like a machete.

Frequently mistaken as siblings due to their matching red hair, Make-Overs is a manifestation of their unique relationship and their musical lifestyle.
With complete disregard for the popularity contest of today’s dying commercial music industry and an independent “do it yourself” work ethic, the Make-Overs have been doing things their way and with great success. In just over a year and a half the group has recorded three full length albums (Recorded on 16 track open reel tape and released on self run label The KRNGY Logo) and within a month after the release of MC1R on the 16th Chromosome (their debut album December 2010), the track Surfbored was picked up by legendary Chicago label Hozac records for their exclusive Hook Up Klub 3.

Playing numerous shows around Pretoria/Johannesburg in grimy clubs, on rooftops, warehouses, dilapidated buildings, festivals and art exhibitions the band also did a recent tour through Cape Town (December 2011) that started off with 6 shows and ended up as 25 due to the overwhelming positive response. Chances are good you have seen these two scrawny redheads carrying large amps and equipment down alleyways or looting pawn shops for junk guitars and analogue recording machines of yesteryear. With an infectious old school attitude and the passion, know-how and talent to back it up this electric duo will change your mind as to what’s allowed and possible between two people who love making music together.

“Brimming with sinister pummeling and frantic guitar scree all pumping over nasty vocals ensured to bring your blood to a quick simmer.” - HoZac Records

“You know when you see a band and they just have something special? In my opinion, no-one can touch them.” - Jon Savage (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Currently the Make-Overs are writing and recording their fourth album, and plans for another Cape Tour later the year seem very likely. Recently Make-Overs recorded a single at Open Room Studios with Jon Savage, Darryl Torr and Alan Shenton for possible future collaboration on their upcoming record label.


• MC1R on the 16th Chromosome (December 2010, the KRNGY Logo)
• Surf Bored 7” single (Hozac Records, Exclusively available for Hookup Klub Round 3-
• By Natural Selection (September 2011, the KRNGY Logo)
• “Jungle Seizure” was one of the tracks selected for the Garage Punk Hideout Compilation series which is an American hosted and run site.
• Centipede-sing-a-long (April 2012, the KRNGY logo)
• Too Much? (June 2012, the KRNGY logo, FREE ALBUM: