Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HOURS by Hours (Durban)

When people grow up, their views change. You probably feel differently about almost everything, right now, compared to the way you did, back when you were younger.

Pauly Shore films: that shit was hilarious – now they're close to unbearable.

Meteors: As adults, we think they’re the most kick ass thing ever. They’ve made valuable contributions to science and our comprehension of space and the universe. They just freaking rule.

But as kids: we hated them. We blamed them for taking away what we loved most: the dinosaurs. They were the worst thing ever.

Point is: there are very few things that you still feel the same way about – from adolescence through to adulthood. For the dudes in Hours, that thing is pop punk.

In 2010, Matt began writing some songs and recording them at home without much intent to actually do something serious with them. Then one day, hanging out with his homie, Marc, he was convinced to get the fuck into a studio, record the tracks professionally, and release an EP through Marc's label, High Seas Records. So he hit up Bro Studios and recorded some of the shit he had written – with him nailing all guitars and vocals, and Paul (Bro Studios engineer) drumming. Some time after that, he showed the material to another homie, Ally. Super stoked on it, Ally immediately got involved, picking up bass duties and co-writing, alongside Matt, on what was left of the EP. Hours is practically a collaborative effort between friends, with different musicians featuring and playing their respective instruments on the EP.

We have a pretty fucking sweet time doing this shit.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Theatre (Cape Town) - Atlantic

Theatre was an experimental chaotic hardcore outfit formed in South
Africa, in mid-2008, after the expiration of its member’s previous
bands. They bring genre-smashing music to the foreground that is both
unique in construction and chaotic in design. Theatre was
characterised by notably destructive, yet emotive performances with
live shows that truly defied the norm.

RIP. 2008 -2011

Atlantic by Theatre 

released 10 December 2010 

Theatre was:
JJ van Rooyen :: Vocals 
Duke Negus :: Guitars 
Byron Jones :: Guitars 
Jay-Dee Bekker :: Bass Guitar 
Tarquin Jones :: Drums/Percussion

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Wild Youth story (1976-1980) and growing up in Apartheid era South Africa.

'Wild Youth started in March 1978 but the story began a year before. We grew up in the suburbs along the North Coast about ten miles away from Durban. Wild Youth was born out of boredom, my friend Mark Dyson and I bored out of our skulls sitting in his lounge listening to Rolling Stones records. Sometimes our friend Peter Kunst would join us but he had a girlfriend so he had less free time. Boredom is good for rock and roll. Mark and I decided to start a punk band with Peter. Peter would play bass and sing. I would play guitar and sing and Mark would play the drums. We decided to call it The Fourth Reich, a stupid name as we weren’t fascist or racist just young dumb and wanted to cause a reaction. My dad had grown up in Czechoslovakia under Nazi oppression and he has told me some horrific personal recollections from those days but that is a story in itself...'

Full article here: http://retrobutionrecords.co.uk/uncategorized/the-wild-youth-story-1976-1980-and-growing-up-in-apartheid-era-south-africa/

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gentlemen Callers - An Introduction to Metaphysics EP

Gentlemen Callers play a mixture of post-punk and hardcore punk. Their intention is anti-escapist, with their sound privileging anxiety over fun. The band formed in Grahamstown in early 2012 out of a sense of disappointment with what they considered to be a largely thoughtless national music scene.

Interested in the Shamanic potential of music, they combine paradoxically dense and primitive rhythms with lyrical concerns ranging from reincarnation and drug use to the rise of the sociopath in contemporary society. They like to describe themselves as neurotic astronauts stuck on an inhospitable world. They are in the process of releasing three EPs over a three month period. Their first EP, ‘An Introduction to Metaphysics’ is now available (with digital booklet) for free download. 

The three EPs were recorded on reel-to-reel tape in Grahamstown by friend of the band and producer Matt Sabine. The band decided to record all instruments simultaneously ('live') with appropriate overdubs in post-production. The decision to record in this fashion, as well the use of vintage equipment, came from a desire to experiment with non-digital techniques in order to capture an aesthetic at odds with much in the contemporary landscape.

Gentlemen Callers will stagger their EP trilogy over the next three months. The three EPs, four tracks on each, will each contain a selection of songs relating to their relevant title/concept.

An Introduction to Metaphysics

Friday, 19 July 2013

( http://www.punks.co.za/ ) Shut Down


Its interesting (at least to me), a few years ago I read the posting on another punk website that was the predeccessor to this one, It was a long piece on how punk had died and wasn't what it should be. I instantly dismissed it with the ignorance of youth and the belief that it could be great. Yet here I am today writing almost the same piece, things never change. Life is life.

I remember going to gigs, feeling at home, enjoying the laughter, the music, the drinking, the cracked ribs (spermbirds) and broken toes(hogs). I remember thinking "this is where I want to be forever.". Over the years as I got more into it I realised that the ideals of punk are really what we love. The idea of a community of like minded individuals backing each other up, loving music and generally having a good time without any care for who you are. It was never about rebelling against authority for me (I love the idea, but punk like all things ...changed), it was that warm happy place I could always go alone and be accepted without criticism. But it all changed, or maybe I changed, but the dream shattered the mirror was broken.

I remember watching DVBB, Swivelfoot and Fuzi at the Bohemian (one of my fav venues) and having the gig cut short because someone pulled the toilet off the floor and flooded the place. I remember a punk/hardcore split show at Black Dahlia stopped because people where spray painting penii on the outside of the venue. I've seen 'punks' jump fences to get in but spend more at the bar than what entrance cost more times than I can count-and seen them complain that bands never get paid. I've seen it change or just seen the image for what it is go from who cares lets have fun to a drug/booze filled fuckshow where if you dont listen to The Exploited or have a patch on a leather jacket that screams crust you werent accepted. I think Against Me! said it best on Reinventing Axl Rose:

"Just gimme a scene where the music is free
And the beer is not the life of the party
And there's no need to shit talk or impress
'Cause honesty and emotion are not looked down upon"

I realise people will look at this and think "fuck you, you're an arrogant prick who knows nothing" as I probably did so many years ago, and they could be right. Tonight someone told me "Sometimes you aren't as bad as everyone says you are" and I think its just that attitude that turned me off punk rock in south africa. I almost definitely propagated that by saying I didn't like bands for bullshit reasons or just being shit to people for fucked up shit - dragged into the depths- it's sad it got to that stage, and I apologise to anyone I offended by that, I only hope it changes or is different for you.

The death of the site or the lack of community was something that was always coming, people didn't care enough to put up gigs when they could just put them on facebook, we gave away community for usability, for the joy of the like. The world changed and we didn't change fast enough to keep up.

I'd love to go back to the days of Thrashers when stevie wonderfuls, leek, pet flyz, 3 chord theory, half price, slashdogs played and made life worth living, the joy of letting go and not giving a shit - it was a huge party filled with almost no BS. When I didn't know better. When punk rock was a party not a political system and I was blissfully unaware of the subculture undercurrents that probably killed it for me.

I wish it could simply be and I wish you all find it. A fist in the air, a circle pit of smiling faces and a community of people who care.

RIP Punk (for me).

-Andrew MacPherson
andrew@andrewmohawk.com }

We Did This Records - DIY Punk, Folk, Noise, Post-Rock... etc From ZA: We Did This Records - Compilation One (2013)

We Did This Records - DIY Punk, Folk, Noise, Post-Rock... etc From ZA: We Did This Records - Compilation One (2013): We Did This Records Compilations are a collection of past and present music made by friends in the South African DIY underground. Comp...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The Vodun Haunts is a five piece psycho band from Cape Town, formed in April 2012. They have been quick to rise to the occasion and have performed to well-attended audiences alongside some of South Africa’s top artists since October 2012. The combination of an upright bass, two guitars, vocals and drums is what is needed to unleash the Vodun Haunts’ heavy, progressive and intense sound.
Musically, the Vodun Haunts write well plannedout chord progressions with catchy key changes, builds and mind blowing solos. The lyrical content is often inspired by the true horrors that headline our daily South African newspapers. Songs such as Muti, Devil’s Valley, Moonrising and Modimolle Monster show the Vodun Haunts’ ability to embrace South Africa’s more sinister side. The intensity is rounded off by the band’s look and high energy performances that have audiences spell-bound. Their professional event planning and design has created relative success for the Vodun Haunts in leading a rock ‘n fucking roll revolution.
- https://soundcloud.com/the-vodun-haunts

Monday, 15 April 2013

Lacrimosa EP by Provider

Provider are a screamo influenced hardcore band from Durban, South Africa.

Drawing from a vast array of influences, they play music that is is heavy on melody and driven by strong lyrical concepts.

Lacrimosa EP by Provider

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Purity of Arms טוהר הנשק by Marmara Streisand

Here we have an anarchist punk rock band from Israel with ex-members of South African punk bands Outrage, Clandestine, Skelm Helm, Hasten the Storm... and more (Michal & Rob)

maramara Streisand is a five piece crust and roll band out of Israhell.
We came together in the winter of 2010 out of a strong need to express our aspirations in the form of lousy music. Our music is as much a product of the occupation as any other horrible thing that was born here, but we have chosen to use our frustration at society to tear down instead of build even more walls. Band members come from three continents and have played in lots of obscure and/ or crappy bands everywhere. We are united by our love of music, vegan food, unicorns and giraffes
But seriously now: being part of the local punk scene we see the lack of political content within our community. We do not wish to escape or ignore the place where we live. We don't want to pretend we live in Berlin or that we are skating in Oregon. We wish to confront the place where we live and the mentality of apartheid that surrounds us. This is not like playing a show in Alabama, thank you very much Mr. Biafra. Our music may reach a small minority that sometimes find it hard to accept our direct and radical approach to local politics but our lyrics reflect our need to confront society on a daily basis.
We don't want want shallow co-existence we want meaningful co-resistan

  The Purity of Arms טוהר הנשק by Marmara Streisand

released 12 December 2012
Rob: Drums&Vocals   ( South Africa )
Johanna: Violin&Vocals
Maya: Guitar&Vocals
Michal: Bass&Vocals  ( South Africa )

Marmara Streisand "Nailed to the wall"

Marmara Streisand "Robinson Crusoe"@Pussy Riot benefit gig

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk

'Matt Vend and The Tender 10, is the solo project of South African born singer/journalist/songwriter/traveller and nomad Matt “Beard” Wilson who has been playing music in bands since 1999, from the “tender” age of 14. His projects include the long running Sibling Rivalry, which managed to gain a loyal and cult like following throughout South Africa and even parts of Thailand being one of the most influential punk bands to come out of Durban in the last decade. The short lived but extremely well received Tubby Wilsons which delved into both Matt and fellow writer and musician Yusuf Laher’s affection for nostalgic pop and punk music and Durban’s first folk inspired punk/rock ‘n roll band Car Boot Vendors which is still very much alive yet just on hiatus whilst Matt is doing some travelling and work on his solo record.
He is no stranger to the studio and has recorded collectively over 50 songs with the various projects he has been involved with, including guest appearances with Fruits and Veggies (Durban afro/reggae misfits), Misled (Joburg’s finest new school hardcore/punk band) and Blaq Hitler (Durban MC and hip hop producer).
He is now finally delving into the production side of making music, recording and producing his first solo offering which will be out early 2012. He has been doing a few shows in and out of Bangkok over the last few months and will be embarking on an adventure through Vietnam early 2012, busking and playing shows from Hanoi to Saigon. Although recording is a big part of this musician’s repertoire live is where he shines, with literally hundreds of shows under his belt across South Africa and Thailand appearing on every stage imaginable from street corners and dingy bars to major festivals.'

Debut full length record : Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk
(This is a kick ass Durban Folk Punk Record! )


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Brother Moves On ... pretty punk rock!

'The brother moves on is music to the ears of those who take time to be happy brown babys in this space and time. The collective was working on a 12 track album named "A dozen reasons to live", 3 tracks already recorded and two video's down they decided to ditch the album and kill the persona of their lead singer Mr Gold WaseGoli. They staged a mock funeral at the SABC studios in honour of the idea of mining the city for your dreams. The Golden wake is available for free digital download on www.thebrothermoveson.com. The EP is a documentation of where the Brother Moves On was in October 2011. As you know theBrother has moved on. To find out when theBrother will drop in your town stay linked to this page or better yet check out www.thebrothermoveson.com'

Here is a live recording of 'tela umoya' a pretty punk rock song that keeps getting more heavy every time they play.

The ghost inside the magic, the stranglers of an innocent idea of bringing performance art to its knees through costume, music and storytelling. A playful site specific collaborative piece of performance art in the form of a band based in Johannesburg. The name of this collective is derived from David Simons "the Wire" character Brother Mouzone, meaning "judicious" in Arabic, a transient assassin with that audacious yet sincere difference. The Golden Wake live EP is the Brother Moves On’s debut recorded at the SABC as a funeral for the first brother to move on 
- Mr Gold Wasegoli.

released 21 March 2012 


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brafcharge Ep

Brafcharge is a D-beat band from Johannesburg

'Brafcharge started out at the end of 2011 as a one man UB40 cover band. In 2012 Braf gathered a few more members, and decided to end the terrible reign of shitty, limp dick pop punk that was doing its rounds in joburg and pta. Give us your beer.'

- Brafcharge


Kelsey- Drums

  Brafcharge - Ep

released 18 February 2013 

Track List:


Wednesday, 13 February 2013


 Get your download on!

A new 5 track EP by Jozi Hardcore band CONQUEROR



They willl be playing all the tracks off TRUTH SEEKER and REALITY CHECK on saturday at Wolmer PTA.

Conqueror - Face Eraser

The way South African hardcore should be played!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jon Shaban ( Cape Town Folk Punk ) @ The Brass Bell & Armchair

Jon Shaban plays guitar and saxophone for Cape Town band, Captain Stu.

He also has a project named "Jon Shaban and the Suave Koalas"

These are two songs from that group and three cover songs that We Did This Records (Shaun) recorded bootleg style after missing most of the show, at The Brass Bell in kalk bay, due to arriving late.

released 22 September 2012

Art by Shaun - "I wanted to draw a koala bear but i ended up drawing a dinosaur...
Shit happens"

Jon Shaban & All These Wasted Nuts playing Open Mic At Armchair In OBS, Cape Town
(November 2012)

Jon Shaban playes folk music that i would place next to bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad. Warm and heartful with an edge.

All These Wasted Nuts is Shaun from previous bands such as ContraMundi and Sloppy Folk. He playes sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes complete and sometimes incomplete solo folk songs.

I guess you would call this a Folk-Punk or Anti-Folk record

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Leviathan - Off the Owê Vibes demo tape (1993)

Off the Owê Vibes demo tape recorded way back in 1993. Leviathan split up soon after the release of this in 1994 and singer, George Bacon and bassist, Sean Snout went on to form Hog Hoggidy Hog using the Leviathan sound for the foundation. Drummer, Robin "Porkchop" Stehlik joined later as the Hogs' second drummer.

Leviathan - Off the Owê Vibes demo tape (1993)

Leviathan - Conundrum single

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Conqueror or 'CONQUEROR HC' is a Hardcore band from Hate City. (johannesburg, SA)
They have been around for a few years and play balls to the wall Hardcore Punk Rock.

Think 80s ten second punk rock songs exploding like a pissed off cat in a bag

Members: Ross





 Find Them Here - http://www.myspace.com/conquerorhc

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A new Crust/Doom/Sludge Metal from Johannesburg "CORAX"

Corax are a Crust/Doom/Sludge Metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa

The members are:

Patrick - guitars, vocals
Brent - drums, vocals

Corax are an excellent Sludge/Doom Metal band featuring two dudes playing awesome Sludge Metal riffs. 
I will let their bio do the talking:
"Corax was formed by Brent and Patrick, whilst under the influence of Faxe extra strong beer, on the 2nd of May 2010.  After 2 years of fuckin about in the garage we finally had enough material to record an album. We spent 18 hours in April 2012 recording our debut self-titled album at SABC studio's in Johannesburg.  Corax will be playing shows full time from 2013."

They have just released their stunning S/T debut album.
5 Tracks that runs for a loud and angry as fuck 30 minutes.

First track - Death Spiral - will show you what to expect from this hugely talented band. OK the album is a bit under-produced but this shouldn't deter the excellent musicianship on show.
To tell you the truth the DIY vibe really adds to proceedings. It showcases how a band should sound on their first release. Loud, Angry, Raw and Passionate without any professional wizardry at all.
Corax are a band that is very raw indeed and it makes them a powerful force on the entire album. Death Growl Vocals coming at you like a machine gun with hard-hitting riffs in the background.
Tracks like Invoke Them, Timeless Gathering and Snow In The Shadows showcase this band is all about Primal Fury. Corax are angry from the very start. They will devour anything that gets in their way. This is one tough album to listen to. It's bleak from the word go. Only listen to this if you are in a dark place as this album will fuck up your entire day. But what a ride it is.
I loved every mean minute of it. So if your feeling brave then headover to BandCamp and download this on Pay Anything You Want.
Highly Recommended.
Check This Great Band Below:

Corax full album is now up for download (for free) on bandcamp http://www.corax.bandcamp.com/

review in http://www.thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2012/12/corax.html

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corax/282007738583245

CORAX PLAYING DEATH SPIRAL LIVE: http://youtu.be/r0jCumBjGmo

We Did This Records - DIY Punk, Folk, Noise, Post-Rock... etc From ZA: Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk

New solo folk-punk album from Matt Wilson of Sibling Rivalry, Tubby Wilsons and Car Boot Vendors!

We Did This Records - DIY Punk, Folk, Noise, Post-Rock... etc From ZA: Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk: Matt Vend and The Tender 10, is the solo project of South African born singer/journalist/songwriter/traveller and nomad Matt “Beard” Wil...