Sunday, 24 April 2011

Still Thinking - Skate Punk (DBN)

Still Thinking was known for their fast paced new school Durban punk rock. They played in the Pretoria and Joburg on a regular basis. And Burn on several occasions, The Nile Crocodile, Boogie Nights, Thrashers Skatepark and Woodstock(SA) to name a few. They played with bands such as Fuzigish, Leek and the bouncing Uptones, Skirtbox (U.K.), Five Iron Frenzy (U.S.A.) and many others.

They released a demo cd and an EP called "Less is More." Early in 2001 at Dog Ears Studio (Westville). They were invited to play the venue Bargo's with top international punk act 'Strung Out' in September that year which never took place because of the September 11 tragedy.

Still Thinking - Less Is More EP (1999)

01. Pedestal
02. Another Perfect Day
03. Boys In Blue
04. Rainy Days
05. O.B.S.N.S.S.
06. Open Your Eyes
Juan de Lange - Drums
Sean Houseman on vocals and guitar
Shane Littleton on bass
Greg Keegan on guitar

Thursday, 21 April 2011

WILD BUNNYNIGHTS - Comp/sampler across 4 continents ! (2009)


This is a Folk Punk comp CD from a DIY Punk distro out of Gothenburg, Sweden. that Cape Town's ContraMundi got onto. I love all the bands on here so I'm posting it up even though its not local. So DEAL WITH IT!   ^_^

Here are the tracks:

01 The Anorexic Olsen Twin - I miss my friends
02 Jessie Williams - Remains (with Joey Gutter)
03 JV Mongrel - Freedom ain't
04 Roscoe Vacant - Four more years
05 A proletarian manifesto - The teeth of the machine
06 Boxcar Rollie - I hate driving cars but I love wondering if we're gonna break down
07 Richard Allison (Haha! Evolution) - TV, banks and bosses (with Dave Henderson and Jonas Selander)
08 Spoonboy (from The Max Levine Ensemble) - Stab yer dad
09 ContraMundi - Jimmy
10 Jake and The Infernal Machine - Eat from the trash
11 Nurse Duke & The Syphilitics - Be but a man
12 Thomas Gun - One more scene
13 Me Against All! - Beginning at the end
14 Asking For It - Home sweet homeless
15 Ill Logic - Revolutionary ska
16 EnoughAlready - Revolution and Frisbee
17 Jonas Selander - All for one, one for money!
18 Clara Hendricks - Hair song (live)
19 Fernando Cruz Pacheco - Timeless nights to an end 

WILD BUNNYNIGHTS  -  Comp/sampler across 4 continents ! (2009)

The cover is a picture painted by Jonas Selander and designed with text and form by the great Roscoe Vacant! The back cover is also a drawing made by Jonas Selander and is supposed to be folded behind the front! 

A D.I.Y. record distro BOUND FOR GLORY! STRAIGHT OUTTA DYSTOPIA! Founded May 2009
You can download all of our albums for free from our web-archive at

CDs in our catalogue available for free download:

- 40oz OF SPITE - Drink It Down EP
- A PROLETARIAN MANIFESTO - Winter demo 2008
- ACIDIC TREE - Demo tape 2010
- THE ANOREXIC OLSEN TWIN - The Anorexic Olsen Twin
- THE ANOREXIC OLSEN TWIN - The Anorexic Olsen Twin EP
- ASKING FOR IT! - Happy birthday Hitler!
- ASKING FOR IT! - Live and let d.i.y. EP
- BOXCAR ROLLIE - Seek and shine
- CLOGGED PIPES - Clogged Pipes EP
- DUCK DOLLS - Blame it on the rich
- ENOUGHALREADY - The good, the bad and the ugly
- EVAN GREER - Never surrender
- FERNANDO CRUZ PACHECO - Trash can revolution
- JAKE AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE - Down from the hills
- JAKE AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE - Walking we build the road
- JESSIE WILLIAMS - Murky water
- JESSIE WILLIAMS - On this piece of honest land
- JIM SPUTNIG - Personal political
- JONAS SELANDER - May wild thunder strike us down
- JV MONGREL - From the mountains into the sea
- KILGORE TROUT - Goodbye cruel world
- KILGORE TROUT - Nine exit strategies
- LUKE ROMANO - As the cracks in the concrete widen..
- MEGA GAMES - Let in these hands to hold
- PEACE PUNX COMPILATIONS - Vol.1 Acoustic Anarcho
- RICHARD, DAVE AND JONAS - The good mistake EP
- ROSCOE VACANT - Necessity revisited
- ROSCOE VACANT - Nothing's going to change
- SLOPPY FOLK - Experience SA folk punk (South Africa)
- SPOONBOY - European tour demo 2009
- TARP LIFE! - Copyright this
- THOMAS GUN - Broke
- THOMAS GUN - The soapbox EP
- TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR - A little death
- TRASHEDY - My shitty demos 1999-2009

If you're eager to change the world through your rad tunes and want them available in our archive, send mp3s, cover arts and lyrics to:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mental Junto - Punk from Cape Town

This is a band i got into when i found a disc of theirs at my friend Jeremy's place during a ContraMundi jam. I never got to go to a show of theirs and don't really know anything about them. So i thought id ask Jeremy. I sent him a message saying:
"Hey Jem. Can you send me some info on that old Cape Town band "Mental Junto"? Just what you remember? I have their one album and i want to post it on my blog. I need something to say though. So if you have time can you write me something?

His reply was:
"Don't think i have much info hey. I think their drummer died... Dunno how... They were very loud !"

So yeah...

Hopefully somebody will read this when they have time and help us out. (eg. Greg ^_^)

This song "Greater good" sounds like Alain Marthezé (from Two Weeks Old, Sleeping At The Popes and Enmity) is doing back up screams?

Download: Mental junto - Coup d'Etat EP

Mental junto - Prisoner
Mental junto - Hate
Mental junto - Greater good
Mental junto - Crowd control
Mental junto - Coup d'Etat

Monday, 18 April 2011

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones - Ska-Core (PTA)

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones were a fast, melodic ska/punk band from Pretoria. They established themselves in 1994 and disbanded in 2002. They played a style of ska-punk similar to bands such as Link 80 and Less Than Jake but with lots of hardcore break-downs. They released 4 albums, appeared on one split and many compilation throughout South Africa and the rest of the world. Leek And The Bouncing Uptones were well known for their live shows (pure mayhem and chaos). I am posting this even though i cant get hold of the guys to ask permission. This was one of my favorite bands when i was "growing up" and the first song i ever worked out on guitar was a Leek song named "Vegie Core". They had albums on distros like 20 deck records and Interpunk, but from doing Google searches i have found out that those distros have discontinued the Leek stuff. So i am posting up what Leek i have and hoping i don't get in shit for it. I don't want their music to die!   ^_^
ENJOY! and lets spread it like the PLAGUE!

Album: Kicking Back The Years (1999)
Track Listing:
1. Uuuuggghh (new version) (1:52)
2. Wet Dreams (new version) (2:43)
3. Stick To It (new version) (2:04)
4. Pc Threat (new version) (2:26)
5. Got It All (new version) (2:20)
6. No Consent (new version) (2:19)
7. Emily & Emily (1:27)
8. Thirty Four Bee (0:49)
9. Punk Rock Girl (2:46)
10. So Punk (2:11)
11. Vegie Core (2:21)
12. Dirty Love (2:01)
13. Amnesia (2:44)
14. Old Man's World (2:24)
15. Need (2:34)
16. Skateboard (2:31)
17. Nuf Nifcuf (2:29)
18. Ashamed To Be (3:42)
19. Injected (2:08)
20. We're All Going To Die (2:50)
21. Do Her (2:47)

Album: Roll The Dice
Track Listing:
1. Johnnie Walker (2:30)
2. Mmino (Language Of The Gods) (2:23)
3. This Town (2:10)
4. Good Ol' Days (1:56)
5. Roll The Dice (2:47)
6. The Kids Are Alright (2:34)
7. Draggin' Me Down (2:06)
8. Six Gun Brown (1:58)
9. No Consent (2:14)
10. Protect And Serve (3:11)
11. Racist (1:47)
12. We're Not Gonna Fight (1:56)
13. Alone Forever (4:31)
14. Hidden Track (2:49)

Members: Andrew-Guitar/Vocals,Jaco-Bass/Vocals,Mpho-Trumpet/Vocals,William-Trombone/Vocals,Pieter-Drums.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lowprofile - Durban Pop-Punk!

"Lowprofile is a melodic punk rock band from Durban, formed in 2003. No gimmicks, no eyeliner, just heartfelt and honest, full-blast melodic punk rock with a side helping of ska. Inspired by the mid ‘90s punk revival, Lowprofile bang it out hard and fast, with a modern technical twist, catchy harmonies, and an unshakeable love for metal. Remember all those bands you used to love? We do.

The Fat Wreck Chords sound plus bands such as Slick Shoes, Millencolin and Craig's Brother. SA bands like Ignorance is Typical, Sibling Rivalry, Fuzigish and New World Inside are some of the first local punk bands we heard, that got us into the music and made us want to play in bands." - Facebook

Download all their albums here!

Talk to Strangers (2005)

Wings Don't Fail Me Now! (2007)

Video Launch Singles (2008)

That's Business Single (2009)

Right now, a new EP is being mastered and the artwork is being designed ... one week left until release.

Ozzy - Vocals & Guitar
Skeg - Vocals & Bass
Woogy - Lead Guitar
Juan - Drums

Old Members:
Yusuf - Drums & Vocals
Seanocaster - Guitars


Friday, 15 April 2011

Captain Stu - Free Music

Captain Stu are something of a musical collective or “band”, based in Cape Town.  They have been touring and performing around the country since 2003. They blends ska, funk, punk and soul and  have several albums and music videos. they have had line up changes and started off quite mellow and jazzy with the odd punk rock song thrown in. The first time i watched them was at a "knife Fight" show with no ventilation and they still kick up the jams! This is their latest free album. It's very different from their previous stuff. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

Captain Stu- Free Music


James "The Pink Bassoon" Klopper - Vocals/ Guitar
Ryan " The Hairy Recorder" McArthur - Bass/ Double Bass
Matt "The Male Organ" Willis - Trombone/ Keyboard
Jon "The Skin Flute" Shaban - Saxophone/ lead guitar
Ryk "The Squirting Picallo" Otto - Drums/ winkie

I'm gonna Post up their videos also. And if i can get my hands on some of the more punk stuff i will see if i can post that also.
For now here are some of the videos starting with the older stuff and moving on to the new.
(note: They used to go by "Captain Stu & The Llamas")

Powerage - 80s punk (DBN)

"Powerage was one of the first punk bands to come out of South Africa, with songs against apartheid, the a.w.b., and everything that they saw wrong in the world. Through the time Powerage was together the line up changed several times. This is definitely one of the bravest punk bands to have come out of the 80s" - Last FM

"Power Age formed in Durban, South Africa in June 1981. The first line-up was Spike-vocals, Brett-guitar, Brian-guitar, Dave-bass, Mark Pills-drums. The first gig was on 3rd October 1981 supporting the Gay Marines. It was their first encounter with the police as well, as Spike got taken in, because some policemen didn't like his pink mohawk. In June '82 Spike arranged a benefit show and 6 punk bands played. The show was a great success. Straight after this show Brian and Dave left. Midge joined on bass and it proved better with one guitar, so it was kept to a four piece. In November '82 Mark left to go live in England. Rubin Rose (previously from South Africa’s first punk band Wild Youth and later Warspike) replaced him immediately and the band really started moving. .. .. In April '83 they put out their first 7" vinyl release ‘World War 3 / Vengeance of Youth’. At the same time Midge left the band due to musical differences. The band was stagnant for 2 months until Paddy joined on bass. He was a good friend of the band but had never played before, so it was like starting again. In '84 the 2 songs off the first 7" were released on the UK compilation LP ‘Beating the Meat’. At this time in Durban (and the whole of South Africa) the scene was virtually dead - Power Age were the only punk band. In June '84 they played the ‘Punk '84’ show with new bands Wild Justice and State Control. It was a fantastic success and the owner of the venue let them run it for punk shows. Things went well and a good number of bands sprung up and the scene started moving. In June '85 they put out a C-60 tape ‘Who Are You?’ - one side studio, the other live and also succeeded in getting a track ‘System’ onto a French compilation EP entitled ‘Single Ticket to Paradise’. November '85 saw the release of the now legendary 4-track EP ‘Stop Apartheid’ in France by Neg-FX Records. In May '86 the band put out another C-60 tape release ‘Ripe for Terror’. At the same time they did a benefit show for a friend in jail. The venue owner somehow heard that it was a benefit for the ANC, and called the police. The police came, smashed up the gig and it was over. Luckily no one was arrested. .. .. Then the saddest moment came... Rubin quit the band in June '86. He had warned he might have to leave due to mounting pressure from his bosses. Peter then joined on drums, but couldn't play, so the band were stagnant again for 3 months. In February '87 they put out the 2 song 7" tribute to Rubin ‘World Today / Waiting for the War’ (recorded in '84) on their new label Power Noize Records. At the same time Peter left to play with Screaming Foetus and their good friend Choppy replaced him. In April '87 Power Age released a 5-track EP entitled ‘The Last Dove’. June '87 saw the release of the EP ‘Backlash’, a split EP with New Zealand-band Compos Mentis released on Out Of Order Records as well as one track ‘Eat Wheat Not Meat’ on a USA compilation LP entitled ‘The ALF Is Watching And You Can't Escape’. .. .. Having played only 77 shows in their 7 year existence Power Age played their last show on the 29th of July '88 . This show was recorded and made available as the ‘Live in Durban’ LP... .. ..

Members Those who served 1981 - 1987: .. .. Spike - vocals .. Brett - guitar .. Brian - guitar .. Dave - bass .. Midge - bass .. Paddy - bass .. Mark - drums .. Rubin - drums .. Peter - drums .. Choppy - drums .. .... ...." -Myspace

Powerage - Protest to Survive, Stop apartheid EP &  Powerage - The Last Dove EP


The second song is not in the download. Will post more if i can find the music.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I was looking through blogs and found this. Its a split tape by OUTRAGE and  DIMINISHED RETURN. Outrage being one of my friend Robert(Rob the Rich)Minnaar's old bands. He played in Clandestine, Outrage, Skelm Helm, and Hasten the Storm before moving to Israel. Outrage focused mostly on animal rights from what he played me when he was here last. ...Its late so I'm just gonna do a copy and past from the "Tape Blog". I will give a link to the blog so folks can take a look at it. there are some rad mp3's albums ripped from tapes up there.


"This tape was in a pile of gems that Devon placed in my care for a while, and since I know Devon as I do, I was not surprised at all to find this South African split cassette amongst the heap of Bay Area thrash metal and South American pop punk. OUTRAGE are female fronted anarcho-crust, and their three songs would have fallen right in line with bands of the same ilk making similar sounds in the US or Europe around the same time (1995), but with a drummer who seems like he'd rather be in a metal band (a pairing that works well for the most part).

With OUTRAGE I only have a lyric sheet to go on, but unfortunately the only tool at my disposal to help with DIMINISHED RETURN is a little friend I like to call "google." Also from South Africa, they farmed members off to THREE CHORD THEORY after their demise (I know this only through the website of the Malaysian band CARBURETOR DUNG), and created classic punk. "Jungle Jive" is a pure burner, and will rev your inner pogo machine to maximum RPMs (and help you recover from the flute laced first track that left you all confused inside). Great shit, with a subtle ska flare that doesn't detract in the slightest. I wish I had more from both bands to offer, but three apiece will have to suffice." -


Monday, 11 April 2011

Car Boot Vendors - Folk Punk Madness (DBN)

Car Boot Vendors are a Folk/Punk band from Durban Stone City

"From a very young age I remember the early morning Sunday car boot market, just opposite the race course in Greyville Durban. My parents, never really gave me
pocket money, instead they would say, “why don’t you go and sell some stuff at the car book market for some extra money”. Even though I’ve always considered myself middle class it’s these early working class principles that shaped who I am today.

When I was 14 I got my first 6 string and I’ve been messing around on it since then, every so often going back to the market to make a few extra bucks.

The market to me represents not everything but a lot about Durban. You can buy t-shirts for R2, kitchen appliances for a spare penny and even computer software! It’s vibrant, packed and colourful, it’s dingy and chaotic, it’s fierce yet o so friendly.

So when my brother bought me a new acoustic for my 24th birthday I picked it up straight away and started writing songs, songs that I had never had the chance to write until now. Names popped in and out of my head on what the project could be called, being stuck in a big house in Bangkok Thailand gave me all the time I needed and before long I had around 9 songs which are slowly being worked into our set.

When I arrived back from my travels overseas the first thing my parents said to me is “why don’t you go back to the car boot market to make some extra money” and it clicked that in some strange way that little old market at the bottom of the hill represented everything about the music I was currently making. I might be a middle class kid, but I’m a working class musician. Catch The Car Boot Vendors in a park, parking lot, open mic session or pub near you soon."
- The Vendor(Matt 'The Beard' Wilson)


Car Boot Vendors - Home is Home EP

Car Boot Vendors - The Flop EP

Beard - Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals (Sibling Rivalry)
Justin - Drums
Skollie! - Bass/Uklele/Vocals
Meaty One - Uklele/Hussling

Past Vendors:

Gay Ray - Snare/Tambourine
Ross Roten - Guitar/Vocals

Guest Vendors:

Purity Mkhize - Vocals
Badger Mcfur - Organs
Paul "Skeg" Jones - Bass
Bobby Son - Bass

Band Interests:
Smoking, drinking, partying, hanging out at The Pub, hanging out in car parks outside nightclubs, getting into trouble for wanting to play shows in public spaces and on peoples car roofs. Trying not to get arrested. Busking, sharing meals, sharing booze, sharing spliff, sharing everything. Being broke, being a qualified 24 year old still living with your parents. You know... the usual

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

TDKM - Hardcore / Punk / Thrash (cpt)

A group of friends who in mid 2006 decided to start a band. They all came from previous punk bands, and when the Cape Town scene suddenly died were the only ones around who felt the need to carry it on in some way. They went through a series of name changes, from Dead Rabbits to Skum, and finally to TDKM. They were still experimenting musically, and trying to find their feet with a sound when the band came to an end.

"We've been compared to alotta bands, some of the distro reviews are interesting to say the least, and there is a tradgic rumour going around that we're a grindcore band. Listen to our songs and decide for yourself."

They had a 7" released on Broederkont Records

Samuel - Vox,
Andrew - Guitar,
James - Guitar
Gav - Bass + Vox,
Brent - Drums + Vox,
Greg-Guitar + Vox


TDKM 7" Released through Broederkont Records & Starving Times.

TDKM open for The Exploited in Cape Town

Monday, 4 April 2011

Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - Jozi Folk Punk

Known as Jay Bones in the South African Ska/Punk band Fuzigish, Rambling Bones is his acoustic alter-ego. Now with His Bloody Agents they dish out some mean Folk Punk.

1. All Comes Down To This (demo)
2. Those Grey Men (live)
3. Crystal Ball (demo)
4. As Wicked (rancid cover)
5. Come Home (live)
6. The Desperations Gone (nofx cover)
7. Comrades With Fast Cars
8. Run For Cover (demo)


Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - (LIVE WITH RUSTY FROM THE WENDYHOUSE) -

(acoustic guitar / vocals)

(bass / backing vocals)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sleeping At The Popes - Hardcore/Punk/Thrash/Crust (Cpt)

Sleeping At The Popes were a Hardcore/Punk/Thrash/Crust band from Cape Town with socially/politically charged lyrics that included among others: sexism, animal rights and anarchism.
Sleeping At The Popes started in late 2004 and went through quite a few member changes.

their first CD-R and LP.


 And back cover.

Second CD-R

Sleeping At The Popes - 2 Album Comp

Members: (final lineup for the second Album)

Alainite Pope - Vocals and Drums..
Jayman Pope Snr. - Growls..
Jayman Pope - Guitar..
Duranite Levinpope - Bass and Vocals..
Byronite Pope - Guitar..

Friday, 1 April 2011

ContraMundi - Anarcho Pop Punk (Cpt)

ContraMundi was a wannabe melodic punk band with screaming in all the wrong places.
The band was based in Cape Town and only ever played shows in the area. Their style had some elements of Folk, Ska, Metal, and old school Anarcho Punk but mostly fits in (i think) with the kind of melodic male/female vocaled Pop Punk bands you would find on Plan-it-X Records.

Although unnamed at the time, ContaMundi was originally ‘started’ by Shaun Richards (Rhythm Guitar,Vocals) and Jean-Paul Fickk (Lead Guitar), who jammed songs they had written, occasionally with the help of Jeremy Norman (Drums,Vocals). The band officially formed in 2007, with the addition of Hannah Molyneux (Bassist,Vocals)

Lyrics involved: Animal Rights, being residentially challenged, being picked on, feeling alone, Eskom(the largest producer of electricity in Africa and the monopoly holder in South Africa)...apples ...and the fuck heads at CapeNature.(nature conservation ass holes who for ages have been on a kill everything not indigenous to cape town mission even though everything they have targeted has been there for hundreds of years and has become a crucial part of the ecosystem, or is an endangered species!? EG. Cape Town's Table Mountain was also home to descendents of ancient Himalayan mountain goats, called Tahrs, which are nearly extinct in their native Himalayas. But the agency that oversees Table Mountain's wildlife eliminated the area's population of tahrs. They have also done really stupid shit like putting poisons into the river systems to kill non-indigenous fish... disregarding the fact that indigenous fish/frogs are in the rivers and that the people from the neighbouring squatter camps also use the water...) 

This songs lyrics are direct quotes taken from prints of peoples responses in the cape times newspaper to articles printed about CapeNatures activities: ContraMundi - Feed Back

 ContraMundi Album download


jean - lead guitar         (
Saint Jude)

jeremy - drummer       (2 Weeks Old; Sleeping At The Popes;  
                                                           Death Skull Pirate Militia)

shaun - rhythm guitar   (Subsided; Sloppy Folk)

hannah - bass

ContraMundi Playing Some Acoustic Folk Punk: (Shaun & Hannah)