Sunday, 24 April 2011

Still Thinking - Skate Punk (DBN)

Still Thinking was known for their fast paced new school Durban punk rock. They played in the Pretoria and Joburg on a regular basis. And Burn on several occasions, The Nile Crocodile, Boogie Nights, Thrashers Skatepark and Woodstock(SA) to name a few. They played with bands such as Fuzigish, Leek and the bouncing Uptones, Skirtbox (U.K.), Five Iron Frenzy (U.S.A.) and many others.

They released a demo cd and an EP called "Less is More." Early in 2001 at Dog Ears Studio (Westville). They were invited to play the venue Bargo's with top international punk act 'Strung Out' in September that year which never took place because of the September 11 tragedy.

Still Thinking - Less Is More EP (1999)

01. Pedestal
02. Another Perfect Day
03. Boys In Blue
04. Rainy Days
05. O.B.S.N.S.S.
06. Open Your Eyes
Juan de Lange - Drums
Sean Houseman on vocals and guitar
Shane Littleton on bass
Greg Keegan on guitar

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