Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Vendetta Cartel - La Nuevo Revolution (Jozi)

The Vendetta Cartel are a South African punk rock band with South American underpinnings that have been active in the scene for over 10 years.Loco loco!

"Giving birth to the early punk rock scene in South Africa in the mid to late 90s The Vendetta Cartel, along with bands like Fuzigish, Crossing Point, and Hog Hoggidy Hog are true pioneers of the SA music underground.

The sound is fast energetic punk rock with raw but provocative vocals, reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine or early eighties hardcore.

This is the combination of old school and new school. It is fresh and powerful, and makes The Vendetta Cartel one of the most original, aggressive bands to come out of South Africa in recent years.

To call The Vendetta Cartel simply a punk rock band is putting them in a box and an understatement - they are an institution.

The band's original founders, singer Vini Reyes and guitarist Chris Webb have kept the flame burning over the last 8 years. Joining them for the latest installment are three new recruits: guitarist Gavin Simmonds, bassist Hendrik van Lamp and young drumming protégé Jonathan Jordaan.

This renewed energy has brought the band back to the peak of their game. Using the Spanish language as the main driving force for his impassioned lyrics, singer Vini Reyes who immigrated to South Africa from Chile as a boy emanates pure aggression, with his message never feeling like it's lost in translation." - facebook

The Vendetta Cartel - La Nuevo Revolution (2001) & HIDDEN EVIL (DemoEP 1999)

(Punk/Ska/Hardcore/South American)