Wednesday, 19 September 2012

V/A - Delinquents Disco - Volume 1 - Holding Cell

V/A - Delinquents Disco - Volume 1 - Holding Cell

Comp Album Of Some Of The Bands Who Played Wynberg Sports Club, Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2004.

*This CD is no longer in print*


Mental Junto
Armour For Nightmares
LP Show
Hi Trailor
Hog Hoggidy Hog
Sleeping At The Popes
Half Price
Three Chord Theory
Captain Stu & The Llama's
Awful Truth
Red Brigade
Three Bored White Guys
Man In Suit
7th Son


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"The Tubby Wilsons" were here!

The Tubby Wilsons were a “Stoner Pop” Durban Band
With members of Low Profile, Sibling rivalry and Nadar…

You_Surf- Vocals Bass
The Beard- Vocals Guitar
Nadar- Drums

"All I remember is the coffee and getting kicked out of Splashy Fen…"

 Some recordings were Released Jun 16, 2007 by The Tubby Wilsons. Album Titled Stoner Pop.
And some recordings were Re-released by We Did This Records Feb 24, 2012. Album Titled The Passion Of The Beard / Recorded Evidence Of Our Existence / Stoner Pop 

Get It Here:

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Skuff Mullet - Audio + Anarchy !


From Durban, South Africa Skuff Mullet are a bad ass punk band bringing the underpants back to the underground.

They are available for gigs at very reasonable rates (a couple beers should suffice).

Mutiny (CapeTownPunk) - 2 Songs


"We started in about March 2007 as an idea that we hoped might get somewhere. At first we were shit and now we are still shit, but listenable and perhaps slightly enjoyable. Since then we’ve played a number of shows, most of them have gone pretty well. We need to thank everyone who comes to our shows cause there aren’t too many of you. Especially the guys from TDKM. ... Recordings, all done by Jay Thomson."
-Mutiny (SA)

Solitary Confinement - The Slinky Bastards / Just A Drop In The Ocean

Solitary Confinement - The Slinky Bastards / Just A Drop In The Ocean

Solitary Confinement - Started early 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
The band consisted of four members. 
They started the band in the hopes of it becoming a form of free education.
-Ryan: Guitar,Vocals.
-Rodan: Bass,Vocals.
-Michael: Guitar,Vocals.
-Jonathan: Drums
*Fuck SA Punk!

Sibling Rivalry - Durban After Dark


Durban Based four piece Punk / Ska outfit Sibling Rivalry pack a punch with Durban After Dark.
The album was made available for free download from their site (which no longer exists) 

Steve - Drums, Matt - Bass & Vocals, Badger - Guitar & Vocals, Haydn - Guitar. 

"It’s immediately obvious that these guys are deeply influenced by the nights and sounds of their city by the sea, and are striking out in their own direction with a pocket full of reference. Yes, Stone City is in many ways similar to LA or for that matter Sydney or any other surf city around the globe, but what makes Durban Durban is that it is an African city, and it shows in the songs on this album. Getting into their stride, “Our Concert Arenas Are Dingy Bars” makes various references to the familiar landmarks and capers that anybody from the city can recognise as the authentic experience, and not the one reflected in glossy brochures aimed at tourists. This is the grittier subculture of the city which spends time ‘under the Umgeni Bridge’, rocking the parking lot, dopping quarts at the Willowvale and skating deserted midnight streets."-Travis Lyle (Levis Music Mag) "Over the years, Sibling Rivalry have gravitated from a straight up punk rock sound to something that more resembles “world music.” Influence-wise, Sibling Rivalry are like a sponge. They soak up a little bit of everything they hear and see around them, throw it in the Sibling Rivalry blender and bang it out with heart, passion and conviction. On Durban After Dark, there's a strong influence from California prog-rockers RX Bandits, Cape Town's The Rudimentals and I often found myself singing Sublime's line, “Down here at the pawn shop.” But Sibling Rivalry smear those influences with African rhythms, seriously-grooving basslines, punk rock and Mary Jane, and what you're left with is 100% their own. Anger, frustration, heartbreak and broken hearts, dingy bars and a sense of brotherhood and togetherness that's contagious. By now, they're probably the biggest band in Thailand."- Yusuf Laher (Blunt Magazine) "Infectious, accomplished, capturing rock 'n roll with spontaneous abandonment wrapped up with a swaggering rhythm section and you have an album that will keep you pushing the repeat button"
- Claire Angelique (Sunday Magazine) ..