Thursday, 29 December 2011

"Sloppy Folk - Fixed Dice" - Single 2011 !!

new sloppy folk single Happy Holidays! !
Recorded by - Gavin Simmonds of "The Vendetta Cartel" 
performed by - Sloppy Folk: 
Michael Way - vocals, guitar 
Shaun Richards - vocals, guitar 
Chris Linde - vocals, bass 
Storm Thomas - drums 
Bradley Downs - harmonica or pick up some more free music at:
Sloppy Folk started as a collaboration between Shaun Richards and Michael Way in the dirty streets of Jozi. Both being without bands or cash, but having some songs they had written on Acoustic guitar. Thus "THE SLOPPY FOLK" was born. 
associated bands: 
Michael Way (also plays for "The Virulence", "A.W.O.L" - RIP, "solitary confinement" - RIP, "The Beat-Alls" - RIP) Shaun Richards (also plays for "ContraMundi" - RIP) Chris Linde (also plays for "The Vendetta Cartel", "A.W.O.L" - RIP, "The Beat-Alls" - RIP) Storm Thomas (also plays for "The Carniwhores", "The Death Valley Blues Band", "SUBMACHINE")
Track list: 1. Fixed Dice 2. You'r Gonna Be Fine 3. We Want A Revolution

Monday, 15 August 2011

Dirty Gav and the Razor Blades

Dirty Gav and the Razor Blades, Johannesburg, ZA

"Where to start?
I don't believe in ass-licking bios and trumpet blowing write-ups, so I'll just say it as it is.
I've finally gotten off my lazy ass, and decided I don’t want to die with all my music on my hard-drive with on one having heard it.
So, I’ve uploaded it here, and it’s free for download, so go mad and feel free to copy it all you like and give it away. Just don’t sell it. And if you do sell it, make sure the proceeds go towards something cool, like “Kids with Cancer” or “Dads with Dementia”, or even, “Hippies with Habits”.
Anyway, this is music I’ve recorded over the last few years with good friends, musical acquaintances, musical allies, drunken flings, late night parties, or even just after picnics in the park
It’s fairly honest and at times exaggerated, but pretty much documents the times and trials of an aging rock guitarist whose first love was always music.
This is a world where only the lucky few get to make a living off their passion, and the rest of us have to work for the man and leave passion for our “spare” time.
I say “spare” in quotations, because it isn’t actually spare.
This is the time we interact with our families and friends, and eat and sleep and shit and shower.
So, I guess being a muso with a day job is a pretty big sacrifice, and I guess that’s why so many guys end up with that old Les Paul in the cupboard or the Strat in the attic.
Well, here is proof that I haven’t just sat around doing nothing over the years.
I guess you could say my music is a collection of extracts from the diary of life.
My best friends have helped to record this and shape the songs, and they would never sound the way they ended up if it were not for these amazing people.
My History…
I started playing piano when I was 9, after singing in my school choir.
I couldn’t really sing, but they let me play the rhythm sticks, which somehow led me to piano.
I eventually gave up piano and picked up the guitar. This proved much cooler as girls no longer called me “Twinkle Fingers”
The guitar took me on journeys that I will need volumes of books to document, and this is just a biog.
I moved on to computer music with DOS programs like Impulse Tracker.
Naturally, I got into full on into production software and started recording myself.
I found I was never happy with my voice, so I got a lot of friends to come over to my place and try out their voices.
Some of the parts they have sung have turned into little gems that everyone is very proud of.
All of this was recorded by me in whatever house or flat I was living in at the time.
Some of the stuff you will hear is still work in progress.
So listen to it with an open mind and dirty conscience and know that this is honest music from the heart, and sung with all the good intentions of a young dirty punk hip hop thrash metal trance hippy
I’m tired of typing now, and might update this one day, or continue it on my blog…" -Gav

Members: Gavin Simmonds, Kate Davison, Ryan Tarboton, Chris Webb, Jacqui Van Staden, Victor Lopez, Vinicio Reyes. Photography: Jacqui Van Staden

Download here:

Monday, 8 August 2011

Half Price - Taking Life Seriously (2004)

Half Price formed in 2001, In the mother city (Cape Town) and immediately stuck out as being a bands that could write good songs and sustain an impressive stage performance and consume loads of alcohol. They became rapidly well known for their crazy antics and naked AC/DC covers!
This is there 2004 release. They play a mix of fast melodic punk, ska with lyrics about beer and smut. Loads of fun.

Half Price - Taking Life Seriously

This is the video of the title track

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Liberty Valance - Liberty Valance EP (2011)

 Liberty Valance are Pretoria's resident Post-hardcore band.

They make really rad music and they baught me tequila shots at a show!


Members include:
Nico Janse Van Rensburg (Lead Vocals)
Angelo Cigana (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
Waldo Buchner (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Nico Buitendag (Bass, Vocals)
Johan Buitendag (Drums)

The EP is up here on "We Did This" Records for free streaming and download

Gross Misconduct - Unforgiving Sky EP

Gross Misconduct are a Progressive Melodic Punk Rock band fom Johannesburg, SA.
If you like "Propagandhi" or "Rise Against" it's a good idea to check these boys out!

They'r a four-piece band hailing from the East Rand of Johannesburg. Originally formed in 2002 as a three piece band, Gross Misconduct soon became a renowned stage act with their musical versatility and social / political commentary and support of animal rights.

Members are:

Mark Misconduct: Vocals
Craig Hart: Guitar
Justin Hart: Bass
Brad Misconduct: Drums

Gross Misconduct - Unforgiving Sky EP (Feb 2011)

And heres the video for the song "Unforgiving Sky"

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Vendetta Cartel - La Nuevo Revolution (Jozi)

The Vendetta Cartel are a South African punk rock band with South American underpinnings that have been active in the scene for over 10 years.Loco loco!

"Giving birth to the early punk rock scene in South Africa in the mid to late 90s The Vendetta Cartel, along with bands like Fuzigish, Crossing Point, and Hog Hoggidy Hog are true pioneers of the SA music underground.

The sound is fast energetic punk rock with raw but provocative vocals, reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine or early eighties hardcore.

This is the combination of old school and new school. It is fresh and powerful, and makes The Vendetta Cartel one of the most original, aggressive bands to come out of South Africa in recent years.

To call The Vendetta Cartel simply a punk rock band is putting them in a box and an understatement - they are an institution.

The band's original founders, singer Vini Reyes and guitarist Chris Webb have kept the flame burning over the last 8 years. Joining them for the latest installment are three new recruits: guitarist Gavin Simmonds, bassist Hendrik van Lamp and young drumming protégé Jonathan Jordaan.

This renewed energy has brought the band back to the peak of their game. Using the Spanish language as the main driving force for his impassioned lyrics, singer Vini Reyes who immigrated to South Africa from Chile as a boy emanates pure aggression, with his message never feeling like it's lost in translation." - facebook

The Vendetta Cartel - La Nuevo Revolution (2001) & HIDDEN EVIL (DemoEP 1999)

(Punk/Ska/Hardcore/South American)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Toxik Sox - Tribute Sampler By Guitarist Jon-Pat Myers

Toxik Sox began in uhh....?// 80 something. 86? Maybe 87!
Original members in order of appearance..
Vox- Jeremy Franklin, Anti and James played a gig or two
Bass-Simon White
Drums- Martin Coetzee, Brendan McGinty
Guitar- Ricky
Guitar-Jon-Pat Myers

The band was influenced by many bands- Crass, Dead Kennedys, Conflict, GBH, Discharge, Subhumans, Peter and the test tubes, Spermbirds, UK Subs.
Playing mostly at club Image in JHB the band played with other notables like Omsepis and the Metal band Ragnarok also from the JHB area.
The band only cut one "demo" that was played on radio and managed to be one of the first "Punk" bands to get up on bigger stages such as the Portuguese hall and Thunderdome gigs.
Pretty short lived but noisy so called career that brought together many elements of the JHB alternative scene and paved the way for other more musically adept bands to continue in it's fetid wake!

Toxik Sox - Hind site Tribute Sampler VS Toxikus - Sampler (by John Pat Mayers)

This download is sadly not Toxik Sox.. But what we have for you is a tribute recording of  3 of the Toxik Sox songs by guitarist Jon-Pat Myers and 2 other songs by his fictitious band TOXIKUS. Including a daring cover of  the Sex Pistols song "Submission"

thank you and have a wonderful day!

Zam Boney - A Day In The Life Ep (Jozi)

"Zam Boney" is Gianluca Tadiello. The guitarist from "The Slashdogs", Vocalist/Guitarist/Song writer of "The Carniwhores" and this is his folk pop acoustic project. It's honest, heart full, sad... yet beautiful and uplifting. A shade of which we have yet to see from this BAD ASS ghoul of a guitarist. An amazing debut release. Something I'm going to be playing on repeat for a good while.

Zam is a good kid. DOWNLOAD HIS SHIT!

Some Notes On The Songs:

 "You'll be okay is about selling your soul to the consumer dream, and in the process losing everything you truly care for (family, friends, dreams and aspirations). losing yourself.
False alarms is about finding love in such a world and being told not choosing that idea means your life will suck, but saying you have a choice and with love you can make it through cause its all that matters.
Jenny Jean is about a close friend of mine who committed suicide cause her BF beat her, the drugs fucked her up, her other friends fucked her over and her parents disowned her.
Ballad Of a Simple Man is about doing drugs when you're younger and how they eventually lead you to ruin, but how that's the only choice many people have after the world tells them they're not worth anything.
And Mother is about dealing as a family with cancer and how at those times you feel alone (everyone dies alone) and religion and science can't save you. All you have left is the now." - Zam

Zam Boney - A Day In The Life Ep


Zam Boney - You'll Be Okay

(Alt/Folk, Folk Pop, Folk Punk, Lo-Fi)

Some Notes On The Recording:

This Ep was recorded on an ipone using the standard voice recorder and no apps. There was no post production/mastering or auto tune. Completely live recordings.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Benefit for Anthony Poynter, by Get Better! Records

An international punk comp! This was put together by Get Better Records as a benefit for Anthony Poynter, Who has been diagnosed with a late stage of cancer. Please Donate and download and re-post!!
Track List:

1. SPRAYNARD - Spooky, Scary 02:01
2. YOUNG MOUNTAIN - I Am A Statue (of America) 02:14
3. LESS THAN JAKE - Conviction (acoustic) 02:25
4. DEATHRATS - Crutch 01:05
5. THE PIST - Your America (live) 02:36
6. RUBRICS - The Music is My Life 02:02
7. BUTTON UP! - Grilled Cheese and Hummus 02:50
8. THE PHARMACY - Coldest Morning Light 02:11
9. THE WILD - Street Names 03:27
10. HOLD TIGHT! - Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here 01:25
11. CEASEFIRE - For Mitch 03:32
12. JONESIN' - Just So You Know 02:17
13. PUBERTY WOUNDS - Edward Hyde 01:48
14. RUN, FOREVER - Young Pioneers 02:36
15. IRON CHIC - Langoliers 02:40
16. THE MENZINGERS - Kentucky Gentlemen (Bonus Track) 02:51
17. MISCHIEF BREW - The Midnight Special 2002 (Country Mile Version) 03:41
18. SPOONBOY - My Antonia 02:30
19. WOLFS - Cold Wet Lawns 01:58
20. RYAN HARVEY - Eucalyptus 02:17
21. SISTER KISSER - White Collar, Blue Collar, Who Gives A Shit 03:57
22. CANDY HEARTS - It Figures 02:48
23. WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS - Your Hands 02:12
24. SAND WITCHES - Skate or Cry 02:24
25. GRAVEN HAND - Prison Break 01:55
26. LIVING RHEUM - September 03:35
27. LAURA STEVENSON AND THE CANS - Montauk Monster 04:00
28. ZEBU - Bloody Lips 00:57
29. SKOLLIE! (durban, south africa) - Get Me Out Of Here 02:17
30. SLEEPING SPIDERS - Low Voltage Lightning 02:30
31. CHICKEN LITTLE - Old and Tired 02:24
32. Y LIME? - Skateboarding 02:00
33. TIMESHARES - Little Full, Lotta Sap

hard copies also available !!!

(Download / Listen / Order A hard Copy) Here: 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Monday Morning Justice - Folk Punk from Middelburg

Monday Morning Justice is Conley Annondale (CW Christ)'s solo folk punk project.

"With his profound love for Punk Rawk, campfire tales and folklore he constructed these passions into something more audible than his constant whining and fittingly named it Monday Morning Justice still being a stalwart in comparison to his heroes, the noble squire has taken upon himself to fulfill this musical journey of propagating love and chaos" - facebook

Monday Morning Justice - A Song For My Friends EP (3 songs)

Sloppy Folk ,Sheep And Other Anomalies Split


This is a Split Album between South African Folk Punk band Sloppy Folk and American Folk Punk artist Dan Shedd or "Sheep And Other Anomalies". This Split also features Tyler Bisson (TRAGWAG or That Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar) covering the song "Tyler's Favourite Song" which Dan wrote and named after him because it was the song that Tyler liked the most. There is also a Sloppy Folk version of this song on here and a Sheep And Other Anomalies version of Frustration by Sloppy Folk. The recordings are all DIY and Lo-Fi and the record features many new songs and allot of covers of groups like Bad Religion, NOFX, Bright Eyes, Matt Wixson, Daniel Johnston, Blink 182, The Cure, Kimya Dawson, South Africa's Hog Hoggidy Hog, and a collaborative cover of the Old Crow Medicine Show by The Car Boot Vendors & Sloppy Folk recorded live when they were crashing at the commune in Fellside.

One of my personal favourites is the Sheep And Other Anomalies song titled "I Was A Teenage Anarchist Too... Asshole" which is a response to a song written by Against Me!' front man Tom Gabel.

Sheep And Other Anomalies

- Sloppy Sheep split (Sloppy Folk ,Sheep And Other Anomalies)

Sheep And Other Anomalies:
is - Dan Shedd

TRAGWAG (that really awesome guy with a guitar):
is Tyler Bisson

Sloppy Folk:
is Michael Way
Shaun Richards
Chris Linde

Car Boot Vendors:
is Matt Wilson (Beard)
Justin Grady (Big Bear)
Jonathan Mackie (Skollie!)
Matt Reid (Meaty One)

Shaun and Josh:
is Josh Brandt
Shaun Richards

 Car Boot Vendors & Sloppy Folk - Wagon Wheel

Sloppy Folk - Download For JPA (Experience SA-folk-Punk)

This was put together for Just Plain Awful Records and is a best of the first 3 recording sessions plus contains 2 new song by Michael and Shaun.

- Sloppy Folk - Experience SA-folk-Punk (best of the 3 recording sessions + 2 new songs)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

False Pretense - Stand Together (Cpt)


"The continually-growing number of bands in South Africa is, as most people will agree, a good thing. But when the bands popping up are young (and by that I mean below the age of 20) that is a completely awesome thing. False Pretence are exactly that...awesome! The band is made up of ex-members of bands like War-On-Salt, Fail To Lose (RIP) and Blank Label (again RIP). They play very energetic live shows (anybody who has seen them live will agree) and what makes them so different to other bands is their attitude. Their first full-length release is a very DIY effort, and sometimes lacks in the whole production area, but otherwise it is an amazing CD. The Rancid 2000/Anti-Flag-influenced songs are very well put together and extremely well played. The lyrics are very thought provoking and once you read them (they are all nicely included in the CD cover) you will know why I said their attitude separates them from the rest of the pack. There are 10 tracks on 'Stand Together', and the album opens with the song 'Selfishness And Greed', which sets the tone for the rest of the time you will spend listening to the boys ripping through their songs. About one minute into 'Selfishness And Greed', Neil (their bassist) goes into a ripping bass solo - very much akin to the ones pulled off by Rancid's Matt Freeman. Some of my favourite tracks are 'Leader of the Pack', 'Cradle of Democracy' and 'Monday Morning', which is about the many people who live and sleep on our streets. The CD was recorded at Kreef Records in Cape Town and it will only cost you R10 to get your hands on a copy - you will have to pay a bit of postage if you don't live in CT. Overall this is one kick ass CD and anybody (even if you don't like punk) should give it a listen."

- By Daniel Neville
a CD review in:
SA ROCK DIGEST ISSUE #216 (8th September 2003)
Established 27th January 1999 

False Pretense - StandTogether ( i could only recover 8 of the tracks due to scratches on the cd )

All These Wasted Nuts - First Ep Thing (Lo-Fi)

"All these wasted nuts is a side project of Shaun Richards, one of South Africa's most well known folk artists. Having come from bands including contramundi and sloppy folk "All These Wasted Nuts" offers a refreshing new take on folk in South Africa. Mixing punk and anarchaic ideas with personal experiences, "Same Chords. New Songs - Novella" is a 16 minute escape from the world. Easily my most played folk album at the moment, i look forward to hearing more from them!" - Andrew MacPherson

p.s Andrew is being nice because they are friends so don't believe the lies!!!  :p


All These Wasted Nuts - Same Chords. New Songs

Hoax - Burn Burn Burn

"HOAX was a pop punk band who played with a number of international bands including Fat Wreck Chords band ..Frenzal Rhomb.., Kung Fu Records band, ..Cooper.. and the German international band ..Drei Flaschen... They also played many shows with major local bands such as ..Fuzigish.., ..Tweak.., ..Hog Hoggidy Hog.., ..Fokofpolisiekar.., Leek and the Bouncing Uptones, ..Sibling Rivalry.., The Rudimentals, ..Half Price.., and Captain Stu and the Llamas..... HOAX consists of four members: ..Pascal.. on Vocals and guitar, ..Giles.. on lead guitar, ..Mark.. on bass and ..Sasha.. on drums and backing vocals. " - adapted from myspace.

Hoax - Burn Burn Burn

I like this song: HOAX - Hypocrites In The Scene

Shotgun Tori - Alt/Folk from Johannesburg

"Rambling through the Jozi underground indie/folk scene, alt/folk singer-songwriter, Shotgun Tori is starting to make a name for herself. A storyteller, her lyrics are dark & light, humorous & self-deprecating. Powerful vocals & jangly guitar, her music is in moments fun and upbeat, and in others gentle and heart-wrenching. (On a side note, her mother wishes that it was all gentle...)

Reared at an all-girls convent in Jhb, she moved to London at 17 and cut her teeth on tiny stages, playing to non-receptive, heckling audiences. Times have changed, as have both the stages & the audiences.

Influences include: Ryan Adams, Lucinda WIlliams, the Waifs, Martha Wainwright, The Be Good Tanyas, Ani DiFranco, Amanda Palmer and Leonard Cohen." - her facebook page

shotgun tori - 2songEP

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

V.A. - Stop Apartheid Now - South Africa Punk Compilation (Kids of the 80s comp)

Here is a DIY compilation of South African punk bands  who played despite the regime's repression.

80s punk with great anger - and a call to resistance.


01 - Chaos SA - Uranium Sux
02 - PowerAge - World War III
03 - Screaming Foetus - Screaming Foetus
04 - Surf or Die - Moral
05 - Leopard - Boys & Bitches
06 - Riot Squad SA - Security System
07 - Wild Justice - Pratical Solution
08 - PowerAge - Eat Wheat Not Meat
09 - Screaming Foetus - World of Sin
10 - Wild Youth - Record Co's
11 - Asylum Kids - Policemen
12 - Private File - All is Plastic
13 - Gay Marines - Your Gen. Makes Me Sick
14 - Warspike - Terrorist Attack
15 - PowerAge - Stop Apartheid
*BONUS TRACK* Zonzile - Moment by Moment/Exiled Shadows

V.A. - Stop Apartheid Now - South Africa Punk Compilation (Kids of the 80s comp)

A song by a band that should have been on this album " National Wake "

The Sunday Punchers - Celtic Folk Punk from Johannesburg/pta

South African Celtic Folk Punk.

"Traditional Irish music as well as deep rooted South African folk have a lot in common in terms of music styles. A couple of guys, some from Irish/Scottish heritage and others from their deep rooted Afrikaans heritage decided to do away with their noisy punk rock riffs and look a little deeper into their roots."
- The Sunday Punchers

Mostert Francois: Guitar, Tin Whistle & Vocals
Michiel Kruger: Acoustic Guitar, Accordian & Vocals
Shaun "Cabbs" Hillary: Banjo, Mandolin & Vocals
Gene Clark: Bass & Vocals
Clinton Hattingh: Harmonica & Vocals
Ankia Vd Merwe: Violin
Quintin Koekemoer: Drums
Sound Technician: Matt Nefdt
Manager: Laura

The Sunday Punchers - Sampler/Demo EP

There is a little track on here named "Whale Fishers" that is the shit! So pick this up. The song from this video that they recently finished putting together is also on the sampler! They are making a video for another song named "Exile Of A Broken Man" and a full length album should be out shortly.

Lithium - Grunge From The Cape

LiTHiUM: 1992 - 1999 

"Lithium was my first "real" band. We started back in the early days when at least three quarters of your set had to be covers if you wanted to get the venue. We release three CD's (Broken, Take Out EP and Zennon Supertroopers) and a few cassettes (Live at Claremont Civic and Centuary Depravation) over the years and played hundreds of gigs around the country. Touring with Iron Maiden in 1996 and the 1995 Bandslam tour with Springbok Nude Girls, Sugardrive, Nine and Squeal were some of my personal highlights. We kept our fans really close to our hearts via old-fashioned snail-mail correspondence" - David Beretta Owens

Lithium - Take Out EP (1996)

Ian Watson
David Owens
Paul Opie 
Simon Portlock

"Broken" and "Take Out" were EMI South Africa releases. The final album "Zennon Super Troopers" was independently by the band. All albums are out of print and are essentially collectors items.

I will post the other 2 when i find them. They are in my room somewhere...

MiSLeD - JHB Hardcore

MiSLeD is a 4 piece Hardcore outfit hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. (They are NOT from New Orleans.) Formed in 2001 with Dave Casey who moved on to fulfill other ventures and Steph joined in 2002, the bands line-up remains unchanged as does their commitment to churning out good ol’ fashioned energetic music

Misled - DisCovering Incarnation EP

In the vicinity of music

Damiano Patini
Steph Sunshine
Ivor Moolman


Misled - Gone Are The Days (from their new album)

Croakroom Record's compilation CD - Taking On The World

Croakroom Records was a little record label out of The Willows, Pretoria.
It Had been around for a couple of years helping out the South African (and Canadian) ska, punk and hardcore scene with putting out band's releases, organizing shows etc, etc.
But Croakroom Records made South African history by releasing the first ever compilation CD featuring both ska, punk & hardcore bands from South Africa as well as other countries including one of the biggest punk bands in the world : NOFX.

The Croakroom Record's compilation CD - Taking On The World was sold at shows for R50 and by mail order for R60

Track List:

1. Link 80 - Dance Floor
2. Millencolin - Lights Out
3. Fuzigish - Little Bird (South African)
4. Leek - Roll The Dice (South African)
5. NoFX - Linoleum
6. Still Thinking - Rat Race (South African)
7. The B. Lee Band - Standing Up For Justice
8. Humphrey The TeaCup - Supersonic Girl (South African)
9. The Vendettas - My Choice (South African)
10. The Chinkees - Japanese Exchange Student
11. Crossing Point - Burn The Flames Of Injustice (South African)
12. The Blue Meanies - Smash The Magnavox
13. Pet Flyz - Lucky Guy (South African)
14. A New Found Glory - Hit Or Miss
15. Four Minute Warning - Alone And Waiting (South African)
16. The Phoebes - Label Whore (South African)
17. Ann Beretta - Eye For An Eye
18. Hog Hoggidy Hog - It's Just A Lie (South African)
19. Caught Inside - Solstice
20. Fungy Gone West - Hayley (South African)
21. Potshot - Freedom
22. All This For Nothing - Teddy Bear (South African)
23. No Fun At All - Catch Me Running Round
24. Limp - Bike Ride
25. The 85ers - Wooden Toy (South African)

Croakroom Record's compilation CD - Taking On The World

A Hog Hoggidy Hog song from the same album as "just a lie"

Monday, 13 June 2011

VA - Acoustic-O-Punk Compilation Volume I (2009)

"Acoustic-O-Punk Compilation Volume I (2009)" is a DIY Folk Punk Mix put together by Skye Evans, and features some really awesome and hard to find folk punk from around the world!

Disc One
1. 37 Cents - Adolescent Hobo's Anthem
2. Mutiny Amongst Friends - Atlas Ain't Got Shit
3. Acoustic Front of Resistance - Folx Punx
4. Cody Vann - Mescaline Swings
5. Last To Leave - I Love Food
6. Luke Romano - Cracks In The Concrete
7. The Thieves - Acoustic Aspirin
8. Al Baker - If I Was Frank Turner...
9. The Anorexic Olsen Twin - I'd Rather Be Playing Piano
10. Bear Hugs - Raise Your Right Hand
11. Scissor Dicks - Media Bear Pig
12. Black Death All Stars - Lights In The City
13. Bones In The Museum - Ask Us To Stay and We'll Leave
14. The Buzzkillers - 4 Wheels Out West
15. Marty Cain - Nothing Good Ever Lasts
16. Can't Sing For Shit - Rant Song
17. Christian Beale - Slow & Steady
18. Cody Sasher - Stolen World
19. A.W. Feldt - Glass Song
20. ContraMundi - Eat Vegetables All The Time! (South Africa)

Disc Two
1. Never Say Surrender - Alcohol and Apathy
2. Slug's Revenge - Media Song
3. Tommy Frain - PTSD
4. Factory Farm Melodies - Athiest Song
5. Amber Scala - Ten Pieces
6. Fairy Boy - I Want Kids.
7. Avian Orphans - Everyone Finds God (After The Next Beer)
8. HAHA Evolution - TVs, Banks, and Bosses
9. The Gardener - Anti-GMO Song
10. Jesse Tatto - Spanish
11. Water Tower Bucket Boys - You Smell Weird
12. Jessie Williams - Early To Rise, Late To Rest
13. Andrzej Stepien - Robin Hood
14. Jonas Selander - Let's Be Friends!!
15. Kids of Cons - Not Another Existential Reference
16. Just Another Warning - Supermarket Sweep
17. Justin Muncil - Dominic
18. Kickingbird - Living Spontanious
19. Mike XVX - She's A Lady
20. Star Commander - Stop Complaining, Start Moving

VA-Acoustic-O-Punk Compilation Volume I (2009)


Joy Moonflower - Folk from PTA

"Pretoria, South Africa (2011 – present)
Joy Moonflower is the moniker of Joy Steyn (born 23 December, 1991 as Jessica Steyn), a self-taught musician residing in Pretoria, South Africa. Joy sings and plays guitar alone but began her foray into musicianship by playing upright bass and singing in an old two-piece blues band.

Her distinct, idiosyncratic singing has garnered comparisons to the likes of Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor. However, her musical style is pervaded by simple guitar rhythms, unpredictable chord progressions and vocal acrobatics. A large portion of Joy’s songs are improvised and lyrics are usually made up spontaneously - often only the basic chords and chorus lines are thought up beforehand. Thus her shows are usually marked by spontaneity, the musical direction depending a lot on they way she feels at the time.

Feeling estranged and uncomfortable with the system, Joy left school at the early age of 16 to pursue and study a myriad of interests ranging from Fine Arts and Theatrical Make-up to Hairdressing and even Photography. However, in 2011 she finally found her calling and decided to expand her musical talent.

She cites her contemporary influences as Fever Ray, The Books, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Moldy Peaches, Deerhoof and The Cranberries." - Last FM

Joy Moonflower - Live At Mokha Rock Lounge (2011-06-01)


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bulsa Breakout (1997) Tape

Bulsa Breakout (1997)

"Perhaps this tape is more valuable as a geographical marker than a musical masterpiece, but when I saw it sitting in Allan's distro I snagged it without a moment's hesitation. Bulsa Breakout is a 60 minute compilation of bands from Bulgaria (BUL) and South Africa (SA) released cooperatively by Sound Action in South Africa and Art Of Noise in Bulgaria sometime in the 90s (I'm guessing on the date based on band photos and musical styles). Bulgaria takes side 1 and starts with LAST HOPE (pretty basic dirty UK sounding punk) and STRATEGY X (an attempt at modern H'C with rudimentary drums and meaty guitars, it works really well)...both are fukkn brilliant. MEANSTREAM sound like a tougher STRATEGY X, and the lo-fi delivery suits them perfectly, FORWARD seem like they are trying to be poppy, but the shit is too fast and chaotic and they come off like 80s Italian thrashers, IN-CRIMINAL are slower plodding angry HC while FACE UP offer one song of late 80s NYHC.
The South African side leaves a bit to be desired, and I confess that I almost left a few of these songs off altogether, but then there's beauty and eyes of the beholder and all that, so I included the garage quality NOFX rip off (FUNGY GONE WEST) and a band that sounds like a wimpy WEEZER who likely pre-date WEEZER (THE GLEE CLUB). But then our sub-Saharan friends redeem themselves with killer female fronted hardcore tunes from OUTRAGE (their second tune has a very anarcho feel to it, and is the best on the tape to my ears) and forceful plodding UK style punk from DIMINISHED RETURN. The SA side rounds out with FRIDGE MAGNET (more UK punk) and CRUSH (tuneful ripping HC not unlike SNFU). Just in case there was any doubt as to the international commitment put forth on this tape, things wrap up with a radio piece that features Malaysia's CARBURETOR DUNG from a previous Sound Action tape release. A few of these tunes should probably be put in the trash file after first listen (not the most ringing endorsement of my potential download, I realize, but honesty always pays off in the end...right?), but there are great tunes buried in here, and the simple fact that two different corners of the world reached out to one another to make this happen makes it more than worthwhile to me. And if you care about the world, then you will download this tape immediately."

from - (Terminal Escape is a home for cassettes. Terminal Escape is here to share music that was released on, or copied onto, cassette. Whenever possible)


SA Bands:

FUNGY GONE WEST (early stuff)

Monday, 16 May 2011

War on Salt - blues influenced skate punk (Cpt)

War on Salt played blues influenced skate punk with ska here and there. War on Salt was a Cape Town based band which was started in 2000 with original members Graeme, Arjuna and Luke, who all went to the same high school (Pinelands High). Graeme Danger, left the band mid 2001 to start the band False Pretense. Josh Merifield then joined and the band recorded the 1st and only War on Salt (self titled) album. In 2003 shortly after War on Salt split, members of WOS and False Pretense joined forces and took a complete change in musical direction, starting the funk rock band, "The Allstar Funk Four"

Random fact about war on salt = War on Salt once consisted of a vegan, a vegetarian and a carnivore

War on Salt were:
Arjuna Kohlstock (guitar/ vocals)
Luke Bolus (drums)
Josh Merifield (Bass)
Former member (Graeme Danger - Bass)

War on Salt - 3 track Ep

The Allstar Funk Four had a short but exciting musical journey, having recorded an EP (The Party Rocking EP) and a full length album (Control Alternative Delete) both produced by Arjuna Kohlstock. The band also went on to claim the 1st prize in SABC 3's 'Pump Up The Volume' - basically a version of pop idols for bands.
Shortly after this the band split up in December 2007, Arjuna left for Sydney, Australia and Luke moved to Durban to pursue religious studies. Upon Arjuna's return to Cape Town 6 months later he joined the up and coming Indie Rock band, The Plastics, in October of 2008. The Plastics are still very active in the Cape Town music scene.
Graeme Danger went on to start the group The Boombox Troopers who are due to release their debut EP in July 2011. Graeme maintained a good working relationship with Arjuna, who produced their EP, Life After Zef, for them. 
Joshua Merifield currently plays in the Cape Town based band, Black River, who do not yet have any recordings released.

some stuff on War on Salt:

*thanks go to Arjuna Kohlstock for providing SAPD with the MP3s and text for this post*

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Carniwhores - Jozi Fakabili!

"With Death Valley Blues Band on break, Cami Scoundrel began losing her mind without Rock'N'Roll (as any good Ghoul would). Zam Boney, recent member of The 'Dogs, was looking for a good time gig band while Slashdogs decreased the amount of live shows to focus on song writing for the new album. A chance Jam materialised, and the ever ready Submachine and DVBB drummer Storm Awesome came along for the ride. Now, a Fakabili Three piece, The Carniwhores are ready to get your creepers a' stompin', your pompadours a' floppin' and your Leopard print covered hips a' swayin'

Move those Bones to the Rock'N'Roll!" - from facebook

 The Carniwhores-The apple sessions EP

Zam Boney - Vocals and Slick SiX String
Cami Scoundrel - Vocals and Bull Fiddel
Storm Awesome - Vocals and Demon Drums

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Still Thinking - Skate Punk (DBN)

Still Thinking was known for their fast paced new school Durban punk rock. They played in the Pretoria and Joburg on a regular basis. And Burn on several occasions, The Nile Crocodile, Boogie Nights, Thrashers Skatepark and Woodstock(SA) to name a few. They played with bands such as Fuzigish, Leek and the bouncing Uptones, Skirtbox (U.K.), Five Iron Frenzy (U.S.A.) and many others.

They released a demo cd and an EP called "Less is More." Early in 2001 at Dog Ears Studio (Westville). They were invited to play the venue Bargo's with top international punk act 'Strung Out' in September that year which never took place because of the September 11 tragedy.

Still Thinking - Less Is More EP (1999)

01. Pedestal
02. Another Perfect Day
03. Boys In Blue
04. Rainy Days
05. O.B.S.N.S.S.
06. Open Your Eyes
Juan de Lange - Drums
Sean Houseman on vocals and guitar
Shane Littleton on bass
Greg Keegan on guitar

Thursday, 21 April 2011

WILD BUNNYNIGHTS - Comp/sampler across 4 continents ! (2009)


This is a Folk Punk comp CD from a DIY Punk distro out of Gothenburg, Sweden. that Cape Town's ContraMundi got onto. I love all the bands on here so I'm posting it up even though its not local. So DEAL WITH IT!   ^_^

Here are the tracks:

01 The Anorexic Olsen Twin - I miss my friends
02 Jessie Williams - Remains (with Joey Gutter)
03 JV Mongrel - Freedom ain't
04 Roscoe Vacant - Four more years
05 A proletarian manifesto - The teeth of the machine
06 Boxcar Rollie - I hate driving cars but I love wondering if we're gonna break down
07 Richard Allison (Haha! Evolution) - TV, banks and bosses (with Dave Henderson and Jonas Selander)
08 Spoonboy (from The Max Levine Ensemble) - Stab yer dad
09 ContraMundi - Jimmy
10 Jake and The Infernal Machine - Eat from the trash
11 Nurse Duke & The Syphilitics - Be but a man
12 Thomas Gun - One more scene
13 Me Against All! - Beginning at the end
14 Asking For It - Home sweet homeless
15 Ill Logic - Revolutionary ska
16 EnoughAlready - Revolution and Frisbee
17 Jonas Selander - All for one, one for money!
18 Clara Hendricks - Hair song (live)
19 Fernando Cruz Pacheco - Timeless nights to an end 

WILD BUNNYNIGHTS  -  Comp/sampler across 4 continents ! (2009)

The cover is a picture painted by Jonas Selander and designed with text and form by the great Roscoe Vacant! The back cover is also a drawing made by Jonas Selander and is supposed to be folded behind the front! 

A D.I.Y. record distro BOUND FOR GLORY! STRAIGHT OUTTA DYSTOPIA! Founded May 2009
You can download all of our albums for free from our web-archive at

CDs in our catalogue available for free download:

- 40oz OF SPITE - Drink It Down EP
- A PROLETARIAN MANIFESTO - Winter demo 2008
- ACIDIC TREE - Demo tape 2010
- THE ANOREXIC OLSEN TWIN - The Anorexic Olsen Twin
- THE ANOREXIC OLSEN TWIN - The Anorexic Olsen Twin EP
- ASKING FOR IT! - Happy birthday Hitler!
- ASKING FOR IT! - Live and let d.i.y. EP
- BOXCAR ROLLIE - Seek and shine
- CLOGGED PIPES - Clogged Pipes EP
- DUCK DOLLS - Blame it on the rich
- ENOUGHALREADY - The good, the bad and the ugly
- EVAN GREER - Never surrender
- FERNANDO CRUZ PACHECO - Trash can revolution
- JAKE AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE - Down from the hills
- JAKE AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE - Walking we build the road
- JESSIE WILLIAMS - Murky water
- JESSIE WILLIAMS - On this piece of honest land
- JIM SPUTNIG - Personal political
- JONAS SELANDER - May wild thunder strike us down
- JV MONGREL - From the mountains into the sea
- KILGORE TROUT - Goodbye cruel world
- KILGORE TROUT - Nine exit strategies
- LUKE ROMANO - As the cracks in the concrete widen..
- MEGA GAMES - Let in these hands to hold
- PEACE PUNX COMPILATIONS - Vol.1 Acoustic Anarcho
- RICHARD, DAVE AND JONAS - The good mistake EP
- ROSCOE VACANT - Necessity revisited
- ROSCOE VACANT - Nothing's going to change
- SLOPPY FOLK - Experience SA folk punk (South Africa)
- SPOONBOY - European tour demo 2009
- TARP LIFE! - Copyright this
- THOMAS GUN - Broke
- THOMAS GUN - The soapbox EP
- TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR - A little death
- TRASHEDY - My shitty demos 1999-2009

If you're eager to change the world through your rad tunes and want them available in our archive, send mp3s, cover arts and lyrics to:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mental Junto - Punk from Cape Town

This is a band i got into when i found a disc of theirs at my friend Jeremy's place during a ContraMundi jam. I never got to go to a show of theirs and don't really know anything about them. So i thought id ask Jeremy. I sent him a message saying:
"Hey Jem. Can you send me some info on that old Cape Town band "Mental Junto"? Just what you remember? I have their one album and i want to post it on my blog. I need something to say though. So if you have time can you write me something?

His reply was:
"Don't think i have much info hey. I think their drummer died... Dunno how... They were very loud !"

So yeah...

Hopefully somebody will read this when they have time and help us out. (eg. Greg ^_^)

This song "Greater good" sounds like Alain Marthezé (from Two Weeks Old, Sleeping At The Popes and Enmity) is doing back up screams?

Download: Mental junto - Coup d'Etat EP

Mental junto - Prisoner
Mental junto - Hate
Mental junto - Greater good
Mental junto - Crowd control
Mental junto - Coup d'Etat

Monday, 18 April 2011

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones - Ska-Core (PTA)

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones were a fast, melodic ska/punk band from Pretoria. They established themselves in 1994 and disbanded in 2002. They played a style of ska-punk similar to bands such as Link 80 and Less Than Jake but with lots of hardcore break-downs. They released 4 albums, appeared on one split and many compilation throughout South Africa and the rest of the world. Leek And The Bouncing Uptones were well known for their live shows (pure mayhem and chaos). I am posting this even though i cant get hold of the guys to ask permission. This was one of my favorite bands when i was "growing up" and the first song i ever worked out on guitar was a Leek song named "Vegie Core". They had albums on distros like 20 deck records and Interpunk, but from doing Google searches i have found out that those distros have discontinued the Leek stuff. So i am posting up what Leek i have and hoping i don't get in shit for it. I don't want their music to die!   ^_^
ENJOY! and lets spread it like the PLAGUE!

Album: Kicking Back The Years (1999)
Track Listing:
1. Uuuuggghh (new version) (1:52)
2. Wet Dreams (new version) (2:43)
3. Stick To It (new version) (2:04)
4. Pc Threat (new version) (2:26)
5. Got It All (new version) (2:20)
6. No Consent (new version) (2:19)
7. Emily & Emily (1:27)
8. Thirty Four Bee (0:49)
9. Punk Rock Girl (2:46)
10. So Punk (2:11)
11. Vegie Core (2:21)
12. Dirty Love (2:01)
13. Amnesia (2:44)
14. Old Man's World (2:24)
15. Need (2:34)
16. Skateboard (2:31)
17. Nuf Nifcuf (2:29)
18. Ashamed To Be (3:42)
19. Injected (2:08)
20. We're All Going To Die (2:50)
21. Do Her (2:47)

Album: Roll The Dice
Track Listing:
1. Johnnie Walker (2:30)
2. Mmino (Language Of The Gods) (2:23)
3. This Town (2:10)
4. Good Ol' Days (1:56)
5. Roll The Dice (2:47)
6. The Kids Are Alright (2:34)
7. Draggin' Me Down (2:06)
8. Six Gun Brown (1:58)
9. No Consent (2:14)
10. Protect And Serve (3:11)
11. Racist (1:47)
12. We're Not Gonna Fight (1:56)
13. Alone Forever (4:31)
14. Hidden Track (2:49)

Members: Andrew-Guitar/Vocals,Jaco-Bass/Vocals,Mpho-Trumpet/Vocals,William-Trombone/Vocals,Pieter-Drums.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lowprofile - Durban Pop-Punk!

"Lowprofile is a melodic punk rock band from Durban, formed in 2003. No gimmicks, no eyeliner, just heartfelt and honest, full-blast melodic punk rock with a side helping of ska. Inspired by the mid ‘90s punk revival, Lowprofile bang it out hard and fast, with a modern technical twist, catchy harmonies, and an unshakeable love for metal. Remember all those bands you used to love? We do.

The Fat Wreck Chords sound plus bands such as Slick Shoes, Millencolin and Craig's Brother. SA bands like Ignorance is Typical, Sibling Rivalry, Fuzigish and New World Inside are some of the first local punk bands we heard, that got us into the music and made us want to play in bands." - Facebook

Download all their albums here!

Talk to Strangers (2005)

Wings Don't Fail Me Now! (2007)

Video Launch Singles (2008)

That's Business Single (2009)

Right now, a new EP is being mastered and the artwork is being designed ... one week left until release.

Ozzy - Vocals & Guitar
Skeg - Vocals & Bass
Woogy - Lead Guitar
Juan - Drums

Old Members:
Yusuf - Drums & Vocals
Seanocaster - Guitars