Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Zam Boney - A Day In The Life Ep (Jozi)

"Zam Boney" is Gianluca Tadiello. The guitarist from "The Slashdogs", Vocalist/Guitarist/Song writer of "The Carniwhores" and this is his folk pop acoustic project. It's honest, heart full, sad... yet beautiful and uplifting. A shade of which we have yet to see from this BAD ASS ghoul of a guitarist. An amazing debut release. Something I'm going to be playing on repeat for a good while.

Zam is a good kid. DOWNLOAD HIS SHIT!

Some Notes On The Songs:

 "You'll be okay is about selling your soul to the consumer dream, and in the process losing everything you truly care for (family, friends, dreams and aspirations). losing yourself.
False alarms is about finding love in such a world and being told not choosing that idea means your life will suck, but saying you have a choice and with love you can make it through cause its all that matters.
Jenny Jean is about a close friend of mine who committed suicide cause her BF beat her, the drugs fucked her up, her other friends fucked her over and her parents disowned her.
Ballad Of a Simple Man is about doing drugs when you're younger and how they eventually lead you to ruin, but how that's the only choice many people have after the world tells them they're not worth anything.
And Mother is about dealing as a family with cancer and how at those times you feel alone (everyone dies alone) and religion and science can't save you. All you have left is the now." - Zam

Zam Boney - A Day In The Life Ep


Zam Boney - You'll Be Okay

(Alt/Folk, Folk Pop, Folk Punk, Lo-Fi)

Some Notes On The Recording:

This Ep was recorded on an ipone using the standard voice recorder and no apps. There was no post production/mastering or auto tune. Completely live recordings.

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