Wednesday, 12 December 2012

JV And The Carburetors - Crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk from Joburg

JV And The Carburetors were a crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk band from Joburg starting in 2010 and breaking up early 2012.
Members are involved with other projects such as The Moths & Brafcharge  

'The band has split up, so fuckoff!'
- Mike (Septic face ripper)
Brafcharge gig review, Rumours Lounge, 7 Dec 2012

Chris Cobra: Bass
Septic face ripper: Lead Vox
CorpseGrind: Guitar
Alex one-tit: Drums
Willie Olie: Backup vox
Kelsey Kuala: Willies manager/ sex goddess
JV And The Carburetors
(Previously Unreleased Demo)

a gig review by cami scoundrel : 

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