Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mixtape 2017 by We Did This Records


1.The Pissups - Humdrum 04:20
2.HOURS - Some Days, Most Nights 02:48
3.Brainwreck - Trapped 01:36
4.The Shabs - Stop Me 02:48
5.Monday Morning Justice - Drunk before a meeting 04:02
6.The Near Misses - Broken Inside 04:09 
7.No Comply - My Mother's Punk 03:25
8.Crumbs - Dig 02:02 
9.Peasant - Drowning 01:59 
10.The Deadly Bites - Control 03:27 
11.The Bad Ass Execx - Thought Machine 02:08 
12.TRASHCAN - Stop 01:47 
13.Apocalypse Later - Mammal Girl 03:58 
14.Atom Band - Crash Ballad 02:29 
15.Satanic Dagga Orgy - Satanic Dagga Orgy (Slight Return) 03:15 
16.Dali Sins - Love Is Waning 02:55 
17.CROSSFIRE COLLISION - Burden 02:45 
18.Midget Submarine - Hello Houston 02:42 
19.Misled - Ghost of You 03:43 
20.Penny Vagrant - The Mirror and the Knave 03:47 
21.Dwayne's Emblem - The Easiest Things 03:09 
22.Swatting Bats - St Prick 03:15 
23.TCIYF - Fatherless Kids 02:02 
24.Tokolosh Nightmare - Minute Living 03:21 
25.All These Wasted Nuts - Cage Madness 01:53 
26.The SlashDogs - Parting Shot 03:04 
27.Matt Vend - Bambelela 06:46 
28.Japan and I - Riverside Friend 03:04 
29.The Pecking Order - Psycho Love 03:05 
30.Distorting The Stillers - Flourish 02:44 
31.Jon Shaban - Product Of The World 02:59 
32.Ded End - Free Dumb 02:29 
33.Bottom Feeder - Infiltrator 01:19 
34.FiveSidedDice - Monophobia 04:37 
35.Cami Scoundrel - Three Can Keep a Secret 02:03 
36.Slippery When Wet - Gold Chains 03:42 
37.Half Price - Friends and family 03:35 
38.Undead Generation - Numbers (Adicts cover) 02:32 
39.The 23 Carbines - Dave's Rant 01:46 
40.Part-Time Pirates - Pirates' Land 03:31 
41.The Bad Guys - Dem Bo (unmastered mix) 02:13 
42.The Meerkat Mob - Ready Set 03:58 
43.Klumbsy Oxx - Who's A Freak? 02:29 
44.Make-overs - Spell Cup 04:08 
45.The Moths - Depth Charge 02:20 
46.Life Below - Heavy Chains 01:30 
47.Provider - The Pearl 03:10 
48.Noxious Terror Strike - Trophy 02:15 
49.Touched By Nausea - Which Apocalypse 02:44 
50.Demogoroth Satanum - Kingdom ov Hell 07:20 
51.Bolleria Industrial (Spain) - Hermanos 01:21 
52.The Missing Leech (Spain) - Painted By Covers 02:33 
53.Brett Newski (USA) - D.I.Y. (Live from Dan's House) 04:20

Thursday, 3 August 2017

We Paid For This Firepool by Monday Morning Justice

Monday Morning Justice or MMJ started as a solo folk punk project in Middelburg, Mpumalanga... A very conservative, religious and racist town to be playing fast atheistic folk music with political undertones. Now with a full band backing up a snot filled collection of very intricate punk rock songs, with heartfelt lyrics. This is a must listen to album.

"But can you find a better friend 
than one who helps you jump the fence, 
looks out when you slash their tires, 
burns a flag when you're cold and tired 
A brother, a sister, an open hand 
mother can you understand we live a life we've never owned 

So whisper softly sabotage 
and wither slowly this visage. 
Now we know the blood of kings 
is spilled as easy as those who sin 
Shape this country into land 
and share it with your fellow man, 
there are greater uses for this fire 
but none as great as to burn their empire!

The fathers who brought us to a land where 
the children scream: "Why?!!!" 
As I awake with a skull in my hand 

Betray all that history has written 
Now that their aren't any statues left, 
to obscure the view I hope we see thee embers 
of our burnt brothers who cross borders 
Now that there aren't any lights on nowa' days 
I hope we notice their... 
I hope we notice their... 
I hope we notice their hue"

Folk, Blues, Ska, Punk out of Middelburg, Mpumalanga.