Friday, 15 April 2011

Powerage - 80s punk (DBN)

"Powerage was one of the first punk bands to come out of South Africa, with songs against apartheid, the a.w.b., and everything that they saw wrong in the world. Through the time Powerage was together the line up changed several times. This is definitely one of the bravest punk bands to have come out of the 80s" - Last FM

"Power Age formed in Durban, South Africa in June 1981. The first line-up was Spike-vocals, Brett-guitar, Brian-guitar, Dave-bass, Mark Pills-drums. The first gig was on 3rd October 1981 supporting the Gay Marines. It was their first encounter with the police as well, as Spike got taken in, because some policemen didn't like his pink mohawk. In June '82 Spike arranged a benefit show and 6 punk bands played. The show was a great success. Straight after this show Brian and Dave left. Midge joined on bass and it proved better with one guitar, so it was kept to a four piece. In November '82 Mark left to go live in England. Rubin Rose (previously from South Africa’s first punk band Wild Youth and later Warspike) replaced him immediately and the band really started moving. .. .. In April '83 they put out their first 7" vinyl release ‘World War 3 / Vengeance of Youth’. At the same time Midge left the band due to musical differences. The band was stagnant for 2 months until Paddy joined on bass. He was a good friend of the band but had never played before, so it was like starting again. In '84 the 2 songs off the first 7" were released on the UK compilation LP ‘Beating the Meat’. At this time in Durban (and the whole of South Africa) the scene was virtually dead - Power Age were the only punk band. In June '84 they played the ‘Punk '84’ show with new bands Wild Justice and State Control. It was a fantastic success and the owner of the venue let them run it for punk shows. Things went well and a good number of bands sprung up and the scene started moving. In June '85 they put out a C-60 tape ‘Who Are You?’ - one side studio, the other live and also succeeded in getting a track ‘System’ onto a French compilation EP entitled ‘Single Ticket to Paradise’. November '85 saw the release of the now legendary 4-track EP ‘Stop Apartheid’ in France by Neg-FX Records. In May '86 the band put out another C-60 tape release ‘Ripe for Terror’. At the same time they did a benefit show for a friend in jail. The venue owner somehow heard that it was a benefit for the ANC, and called the police. The police came, smashed up the gig and it was over. Luckily no one was arrested. .. .. Then the saddest moment came... Rubin quit the band in June '86. He had warned he might have to leave due to mounting pressure from his bosses. Peter then joined on drums, but couldn't play, so the band were stagnant again for 3 months. In February '87 they put out the 2 song 7" tribute to Rubin ‘World Today / Waiting for the War’ (recorded in '84) on their new label Power Noize Records. At the same time Peter left to play with Screaming Foetus and their good friend Choppy replaced him. In April '87 Power Age released a 5-track EP entitled ‘The Last Dove’. June '87 saw the release of the EP ‘Backlash’, a split EP with New Zealand-band Compos Mentis released on Out Of Order Records as well as one track ‘Eat Wheat Not Meat’ on a USA compilation LP entitled ‘The ALF Is Watching And You Can't Escape’. .. .. Having played only 77 shows in their 7 year existence Power Age played their last show on the 29th of July '88 . This show was recorded and made available as the ‘Live in Durban’ LP... .. ..

Members Those who served 1981 - 1987: .. .. Spike - vocals .. Brett - guitar .. Brian - guitar .. Dave - bass .. Midge - bass .. Paddy - bass .. Mark - drums .. Rubin - drums .. Peter - drums .. Choppy - drums .. .... ...." -Myspace

Powerage - Protest to Survive, Stop apartheid EP &  Powerage - The Last Dove EP


The second song is not in the download. Will post more if i can find the music.


  1. Sir, THANK YOU for this!

    I'm from Cape Town, I love all kinds of music... for hard & heavy, some of my heroes are Black Flag, Discharge, Napalm Death, Groinchurn, Skitsystem etc.
    I was a teen of the early-mid 90s & I confess a lot of SA rock didn't move me. Now being older, learning more, it's great to see what was amazing in our underground in a highly charged period of history. Recently discovered KOOS, now these legends - makes me PROUD.

    PS. If there is any South African industrial/noise of the late 70s/80s that you can share, please let me know!!

  2. Id like to say im excited as I received a collection of vinyls from my dad and in that collection is there 1st original release of world war III and whats better is that it is in mint condition it hasn't been played and is still sealed, thought id share that piece of info