Wednesday, 6 April 2011

TDKM - Hardcore / Punk / Thrash (cpt)

A group of friends who in mid 2006 decided to start a band. They all came from previous punk bands, and when the Cape Town scene suddenly died were the only ones around who felt the need to carry it on in some way. They went through a series of name changes, from Dead Rabbits to Skum, and finally to TDKM. They were still experimenting musically, and trying to find their feet with a sound when the band came to an end.

"We've been compared to alotta bands, some of the distro reviews are interesting to say the least, and there is a tradgic rumour going around that we're a grindcore band. Listen to our songs and decide for yourself."

They had a 7" released on Broederkont Records

Samuel - Vox,
Andrew - Guitar,
James - Guitar
Gav - Bass + Vox,
Brent - Drums + Vox,
Greg-Guitar + Vox


TDKM 7" Released through Broederkont Records & Starving Times.

TDKM open for The Exploited in Cape Town

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    - video for "TDKM - Syphilitic Dictator"