Friday, 15 April 2011

Captain Stu - Free Music

Captain Stu are something of a musical collective or “band”, based in Cape Town.  They have been touring and performing around the country since 2003. They blends ska, funk, punk and soul and  have several albums and music videos. they have had line up changes and started off quite mellow and jazzy with the odd punk rock song thrown in. The first time i watched them was at a "knife Fight" show with no ventilation and they still kick up the jams! This is their latest free album. It's very different from their previous stuff. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

Captain Stu- Free Music


James "The Pink Bassoon" Klopper - Vocals/ Guitar
Ryan " The Hairy Recorder" McArthur - Bass/ Double Bass
Matt "The Male Organ" Willis - Trombone/ Keyboard
Jon "The Skin Flute" Shaban - Saxophone/ lead guitar
Ryk "The Squirting Picallo" Otto - Drums/ winkie

I'm gonna Post up their videos also. And if i can get my hands on some of the more punk stuff i will see if i can post that also.
For now here are some of the videos starting with the older stuff and moving on to the new.
(note: They used to go by "Captain Stu & The Llamas")

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