Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mental Junto - Punk from Cape Town

This is a band i got into when i found a disc of theirs at my friend Jeremy's place during a ContraMundi jam. I never got to go to a show of theirs and don't really know anything about them. So i thought id ask Jeremy. I sent him a message saying:
"Hey Jem. Can you send me some info on that old Cape Town band "Mental Junto"? Just what you remember? I have their one album and i want to post it on my blog. I need something to say though. So if you have time can you write me something?

His reply was:
"Don't think i have much info hey. I think their drummer died... Dunno how... They were very loud !"

So yeah...

Hopefully somebody will read this when they have time and help us out. (eg. Greg ^_^)

This song "Greater good" sounds like Alain Marthezé (from Two Weeks Old, Sleeping At The Popes and Enmity) is doing back up screams?

Download: Mental junto - Coup d'Etat EP

Mental junto - Prisoner
Mental junto - Hate
Mental junto - Greater good
Mental junto - Crowd control
Mental junto - Coup d'Etat


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  2. Mental Junto was Anthony Shurrie (RIP brother), Mike Dowson and myself.

    We were just kids back then in our first band.

    Ant died in a car accident tradically, but it was after we had split up. I haven't heard from Mike in years...

    Crazy to think anyone still listens to this stuff.

    - Gavin

  3. Do you know what year this was recorded?