Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sleeping At The Popes - Hardcore/Punk/Thrash/Crust (Cpt)

Sleeping At The Popes were a Hardcore/Punk/Thrash/Crust band from Cape Town with socially/politically charged lyrics that included among others: sexism, animal rights and anarchism.
Sleeping At The Popes started in late 2004 and went through quite a few member changes.

their first CD-R and LP.


 And back cover.

Second CD-R

Sleeping At The Popes - 2 Album Comp

Members: (final lineup for the second Album)

Alainite Pope - Vocals and Drums..
Jayman Pope Snr. - Growls..
Jayman Pope - Guitar..
Duranite Levinpope - Bass and Vocals..
Byronite Pope - Guitar..