Friday, 1 April 2011

ContraMundi - Anarcho Pop Punk (Cpt)

ContraMundi was a wannabe melodic punk band with screaming in all the wrong places.
The band was based in Cape Town and only ever played shows in the area. Their style had some elements of Folk, Ska, Metal, and old school Anarcho Punk but mostly fits in (i think) with the kind of melodic male/female vocaled Pop Punk bands you would find on Plan-it-X Records.

Although unnamed at the time, ContaMundi was originally ‘started’ by Shaun Richards (Rhythm Guitar,Vocals) and Jean-Paul Fickk (Lead Guitar), who jammed songs they had written, occasionally with the help of Jeremy Norman (Drums,Vocals). The band officially formed in 2007, with the addition of Hannah Molyneux (Bassist,Vocals)

Lyrics involved: Animal Rights, being residentially challenged, being picked on, feeling alone, Eskom(the largest producer of electricity in Africa and the monopoly holder in South Africa)...apples ...and the fuck heads at CapeNature.(nature conservation ass holes who for ages have been on a kill everything not indigenous to cape town mission even though everything they have targeted has been there for hundreds of years and has become a crucial part of the ecosystem, or is an endangered species!? EG. Cape Town's Table Mountain was also home to descendents of ancient Himalayan mountain goats, called Tahrs, which are nearly extinct in their native Himalayas. But the agency that oversees Table Mountain's wildlife eliminated the area's population of tahrs. They have also done really stupid shit like putting poisons into the river systems to kill non-indigenous fish... disregarding the fact that indigenous fish/frogs are in the rivers and that the people from the neighbouring squatter camps also use the water...) 

This songs lyrics are direct quotes taken from prints of peoples responses in the cape times newspaper to articles printed about CapeNatures activities: ContraMundi - Feed Back

 ContraMundi Album download


jean - lead guitar         (
Saint Jude)

jeremy - drummer       (2 Weeks Old; Sleeping At The Popes;  
                                                           Death Skull Pirate Militia)

shaun - rhythm guitar   (Subsided; Sloppy Folk)

hannah - bass

ContraMundi Playing Some Acoustic Folk Punk: (Shaun & Hannah)

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