Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lithium - Grunge From The Cape

LiTHiUM: 1992 - 1999 

"Lithium was my first "real" band. We started back in the early days when at least three quarters of your set had to be covers if you wanted to get the venue. We release three CD's (Broken, Take Out EP and Zennon Supertroopers) and a few cassettes (Live at Claremont Civic and Centuary Depravation) over the years and played hundreds of gigs around the country. Touring with Iron Maiden in 1996 and the 1995 Bandslam tour with Springbok Nude Girls, Sugardrive, Nine and Squeal were some of my personal highlights. We kept our fans really close to our hearts via old-fashioned snail-mail correspondence" - David Beretta Owens

Lithium - Take Out EP (1996)
- http://www.mediafire.com/?63ku38osmkdfbd6

Ian Watson
David Owens
Paul Opie 
Simon Portlock

"Broken" and "Take Out" were EMI South Africa releases. The final album "Zennon Super Troopers" was independently by the band. All albums are out of print and are essentially collectors items.

I will post the other 2 when i find them. They are in my room somewhere...


  1. You are a legend for posting this ,been looking everywhere for the albums.At long last , music to my ears.

  2. This is awesome.. Could you post the other two, desperately looking for them. Thanks!!

    This is good music

  3. Hey dude, have you managed to track down the other 2? You're a legend for sharing this, what I wouldn't give to be able to buy my own copy of the actual discs. These guys are brilliant.

  4. Please, please, please post Broken soon. Lost my copy years ago and really miss it.

  5. The lyrics from the song on the video has stayed with me since I saw it on ZapMag back in the day. I've looked for this often, soooooo happy to finally find it.. ..now I'm complete:)
    Thanks man!

  6. This brings backs the best memories, saw you guys at your last Cape Town gig, will never forget it, was so lucky to be there, you guys are probably the best SA band at the time, no still...

  7. Loved this band! thanks for uploading some of your songs. I remember others songs, was it off another album?

  8. Thank You for upload looking for it since 7th grade (1998), I listened it on my way to skate park on my walkman :)

  9. Have u found the other two. I'm a huge nirvana fan from the USA. This shit is great!