Saturday, 18 June 2011

False Pretense - Stand Together (Cpt)


"The continually-growing number of bands in South Africa is, as most people will agree, a good thing. But when the bands popping up are young (and by that I mean below the age of 20) that is a completely awesome thing. False Pretence are exactly that...awesome! The band is made up of ex-members of bands like War-On-Salt, Fail To Lose (RIP) and Blank Label (again RIP). They play very energetic live shows (anybody who has seen them live will agree) and what makes them so different to other bands is their attitude. Their first full-length release is a very DIY effort, and sometimes lacks in the whole production area, but otherwise it is an amazing CD. The Rancid 2000/Anti-Flag-influenced songs are very well put together and extremely well played. The lyrics are very thought provoking and once you read them (they are all nicely included in the CD cover) you will know why I said their attitude separates them from the rest of the pack. There are 10 tracks on 'Stand Together', and the album opens with the song 'Selfishness And Greed', which sets the tone for the rest of the time you will spend listening to the boys ripping through their songs. About one minute into 'Selfishness And Greed', Neil (their bassist) goes into a ripping bass solo - very much akin to the ones pulled off by Rancid's Matt Freeman. Some of my favourite tracks are 'Leader of the Pack', 'Cradle of Democracy' and 'Monday Morning', which is about the many people who live and sleep on our streets. The CD was recorded at Kreef Records in Cape Town and it will only cost you R10 to get your hands on a copy - you will have to pay a bit of postage if you don't live in CT. Overall this is one kick ass CD and anybody (even if you don't like punk) should give it a listen."

- By Daniel Neville
a CD review in:
SA ROCK DIGEST ISSUE #216 (8th September 2003)
Established 27th January 1999 

False Pretense - StandTogether ( i could only recover 8 of the tracks due to scratches on the cd )

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