Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Toxik Sox - Tribute Sampler By Guitarist Jon-Pat Myers

Toxik Sox began in uhh....?// 80 something. 86? Maybe 87!
Original members in order of appearance..
Vox- Jeremy Franklin, Anti and James played a gig or two
Bass-Simon White
Drums- Martin Coetzee, Brendan McGinty
Guitar- Ricky
Guitar-Jon-Pat Myers

The band was influenced by many bands- Crass, Dead Kennedys, Conflict, GBH, Discharge, Subhumans, Peter and the test tubes, Spermbirds, UK Subs.
Playing mostly at club Image in JHB the band played with other notables like Omsepis and the Metal band Ragnarok also from the JHB area.
The band only cut one "demo" that was played on radio and managed to be one of the first "Punk" bands to get up on bigger stages such as the Portuguese hall and Thunderdome gigs.
Pretty short lived but noisy so called career that brought together many elements of the JHB alternative scene and paved the way for other more musically adept bands to continue in it's fetid wake!

Toxik Sox - Hind site Tribute Sampler VS Toxikus - Sampler (by John Pat Mayers)

This download is sadly not Toxik Sox.. But what we have for you is a tribute recording of  3 of the Toxik Sox songs by guitarist Jon-Pat Myers and 2 other songs by his fictitious band TOXIKUS. Including a daring cover of  the Sex Pistols song "Submission"

thank you and have a wonderful day!

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