Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The Vodun Haunts is a five piece psycho band from Cape Town, formed in April 2012. They have been quick to rise to the occasion and have performed to well-attended audiences alongside some of South Africa’s top artists since October 2012. The combination of an upright bass, two guitars, vocals and drums is what is needed to unleash the Vodun Haunts’ heavy, progressive and intense sound.
Musically, the Vodun Haunts write well plannedout chord progressions with catchy key changes, builds and mind blowing solos. The lyrical content is often inspired by the true horrors that headline our daily South African newspapers. Songs such as Muti, Devil’s Valley, Moonrising and Modimolle Monster show the Vodun Haunts’ ability to embrace South Africa’s more sinister side. The intensity is rounded off by the band’s look and high energy performances that have audiences spell-bound. Their professional event planning and design has created relative success for the Vodun Haunts in leading a rock ‘n fucking roll revolution.