Thursday, 14 March 2013

Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk

'Matt Vend and The Tender 10, is the solo project of South African born singer/journalist/songwriter/traveller and nomad Matt “Beard” Wilson who has been playing music in bands since 1999, from the “tender” age of 14. His projects include the long running Sibling Rivalry, which managed to gain a loyal and cult like following throughout South Africa and even parts of Thailand being one of the most influential punk bands to come out of Durban in the last decade. The short lived but extremely well received Tubby Wilsons which delved into both Matt and fellow writer and musician Yusuf Laher’s affection for nostalgic pop and punk music and Durban’s first folk inspired punk/rock ‘n roll band Car Boot Vendors which is still very much alive yet just on hiatus whilst Matt is doing some travelling and work on his solo record.
He is no stranger to the studio and has recorded collectively over 50 songs with the various projects he has been involved with, including guest appearances with Fruits and Veggies (Durban afro/reggae misfits), Misled (Joburg’s finest new school hardcore/punk band) and Blaq Hitler (Durban MC and hip hop producer).
He is now finally delving into the production side of making music, recording and producing his first solo offering which will be out early 2012. He has been doing a few shows in and out of Bangkok over the last few months and will be embarking on an adventure through Vietnam early 2012, busking and playing shows from Hanoi to Saigon. Although recording is a big part of this musician’s repertoire live is where he shines, with literally hundreds of shows under his belt across South Africa and Thailand appearing on every stage imaginable from street corners and dingy bars to major festivals.'

Debut full length record : Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Tavern Talk
(This is a kick ass Durban Folk Punk Record! )


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Brother Moves On ... pretty punk rock!

'The brother moves on is music to the ears of those who take time to be happy brown babys in this space and time. The collective was working on a 12 track album named "A dozen reasons to live", 3 tracks already recorded and two video's down they decided to ditch the album and kill the persona of their lead singer Mr Gold WaseGoli. They staged a mock funeral at the SABC studios in honour of the idea of mining the city for your dreams. The Golden wake is available for free digital download on The EP is a documentation of where the Brother Moves On was in October 2011. As you know theBrother has moved on. To find out when theBrother will drop in your town stay linked to this page or better yet check out'

Here is a live recording of 'tela umoya' a pretty punk rock song that keeps getting more heavy every time they play.

The ghost inside the magic, the stranglers of an innocent idea of bringing performance art to its knees through costume, music and storytelling. A playful site specific collaborative piece of performance art in the form of a band based in Johannesburg. The name of this collective is derived from David Simons "the Wire" character Brother Mouzone, meaning "judicious" in Arabic, a transient assassin with that audacious yet sincere difference. The Golden Wake live EP is the Brother Moves On’s debut recorded at the SABC as a funeral for the first brother to move on 
- Mr Gold Wasegoli.

released 21 March 2012