Thursday, 29 December 2011

"Sloppy Folk - Fixed Dice" - Single 2011 !!

new sloppy folk single Happy Holidays! !
Recorded by - Gavin Simmonds of "The Vendetta Cartel" 
performed by - Sloppy Folk: 
Michael Way - vocals, guitar 
Shaun Richards - vocals, guitar 
Chris Linde - vocals, bass 
Storm Thomas - drums 
Bradley Downs - harmonica or pick up some more free music at:
Sloppy Folk started as a collaboration between Shaun Richards and Michael Way in the dirty streets of Jozi. Both being without bands or cash, but having some songs they had written on Acoustic guitar. Thus "THE SLOPPY FOLK" was born. 
associated bands: 
Michael Way (also plays for "The Virulence", "A.W.O.L" - RIP, "solitary confinement" - RIP, "The Beat-Alls" - RIP) Shaun Richards (also plays for "ContraMundi" - RIP) Chris Linde (also plays for "The Vendetta Cartel", "A.W.O.L" - RIP, "The Beat-Alls" - RIP) Storm Thomas (also plays for "The Carniwhores", "The Death Valley Blues Band", "SUBMACHINE")
Track list: 1. Fixed Dice 2. You'r Gonna Be Fine 3. We Want A Revolution

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