Thursday, 28 August 2014

SAPD (South African Punk Downloads) MIX TAPE ONE

A collection of some songs.

A.W.O.L - We Want A Revolution
All These Wasted Nuts - I Benefited From Apartheid
Atom Band - Betsy (Stalker Sympathy)
Brafcharge - Marikana
Captain Stu - Value Systems
Car Boot Vendors - An Honest Love Song
Conqueror - I Am Pain
Contramundi - Feedback
Corax - Death Spiral
Fruits Veggies - Without A Gwaai or a Cent
Fuzigish - Little Bird
Gentlemen Callers - I Stopped Caring
Gross Misconduct - Flags From Ashes
Hog Hoggidy Hog - African Son
Japan And I - By the Braai
JP Mayers - Jozi
Leek & The Bouncing Uptones - Racist
LP SHOW - driving in d minor
Make-Overs - Too Far
Matt Vend and the Tender Ten - Justifying Apathy
Mental junto - Greater good
MiSLeD - Hatemale
Monday Morning Justice - heart-dis-ease
Outrage - Capitalism Close Up Shop
Power Age - Smash the AWB [side 2- TLD- '7- 1987]
Provider - The Pearl
Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - Those Grey Men
Red Brigade - Beer song
sibling rivalry - xephon
Skelm Helm - NoChoice
SKUNKS - Zombie March
Sleeping At The Popes - New South Africa
Sloppy Folk - Fixed Dice (Electric)
Solitary Confinement - Convenient Evil
Sticky Antlers - Sick Man Of Africa
Still Thinking - Boys In Blue
The 85ers - Wooden Toy
The Bone Collectors - Circus
The Brother Moves On - Dagiwe
The Dollfins - Kiss Me Quick
The Finger - Anti-Social Tennis
The Nomadic Orchestra - Hell
The Trees - Burn This City
The Tubby Wilsons - & Jeffrey Learnt Absolutely Nothing
The Vendetta Cartel - Hidden Evil
The Vodun Haunts - Midnight Curse
Touched By Nausea - The Ecological Footprint
Toxic Death Kommando Militia - Unemployment
Two Weeks Old - ADD
War on Salt - Ska Government

Hope everyone is ok with the songs being used. The idea is: "Would it not be kinda nifty to try to compile one song from virtually every local punk band EVER in a set of archives that can be streamed or downloaded?"

Help with band suggestions and sourcing the songs for the next ones would be swell :)

This blog has been started to try and put together a documented audio history of past and present music from the South Afican punk scene / DIY underground.
This is about sharing some of the music we make and have made. rather than trying to sell a product.
Most of everything posted is out of print + permission to post from the creators of the work, will have been granted, but sometimes this can be very difficult... if not impossible.
So if you have a copyright issue with something and would like it removed please let us know.


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  3. Toxic Sox / Phsycho Reptiles .... Penguins in Bondage ??? What about them ?