Thursday, 31 March 2011

A.W.O.L - Hardcore / Punk (JOZI)

A.W.O.L. (Absent without leave.) were a 4 member band from Johannesburg, ZA
They played hard hitting Chaos/80s Hardcore Punk and built up quite a following.
They recorded one album named 'another pawn please' and were beginning work on a second album in 2009 when the band came to an end due to Jonathan Way's suicide. Jonathan Way (D-Beat johnny) was an amazing artist and musician and above all a kid with a really big heart. This Blog is dedicated to him.

A.W.O.L. - another pawn

Jonathan Way -Drums    (Solitary Confinement)
Damien Martins -Guitar/Vocals
Kyron Currie / Chris Linde -Bass
Michael Way -Guitar/Vocals    (Solitary Confinement / Sloppy Folk)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SKUNKS - Skunk it up (Ska-Punk from PTA)

Skunks is a Ska Punk band from Pretoria that has been skanking it up since late 2009. They have been playing extensively in PTA, JHB, VDBJL and even Bloem with their fast, dirty, Against All Authority on too much weed and beer Ska Punk Style.

If i could get to Pretoria i would be at every show!
check out this shit!


SKUNKS - Skunk it Up!

Bruce Lee
Dogtown Lords
Educational Policies
Stand Up
Zombie March

Zman Ar Skunk - Drums & Vocals
Thean "Theans" Labuschagne - Vocal & Acoustic
Warren "Goldust" Gregorowski - Sax & Vocals
Jacque "Dries" du Preez - Guitar
Kyle "Beast" Gregorowski - Bass

Brain Cell - (Punk Solo Recording Project - Sampler Download)

 Brain Cell is the brainchild of Jon-Pat Myers the Guitarist for South African Punk band Toxik Sox. It is a solo project with Jon-Pat playing all the instruments and exploring different genres in an ongoing journey in 4 track mode that has lasted about 10 years now. Brain Cell have never played live and the current song count stands somewhere in the region of 300 plus, a selection of which have been compiled into 9 "Demo Albums" with an average of 15 songs per album.
Starting out with earlier power type punk and lately towards a more mellow and acoustic approach it is an ongoing work in progress and in a constant state of change.

Brain Cell is currently looking for a competent drummer and bassist to take some of this material out live.

Brain Cell - 9 Song Sampler

Brain Cell - Hate Religion (South African Punk)

Monday, 28 March 2011

Arc Reactor - Nu-Grunge/Groove Metal (from CPT)

Arc Reactor is a South African Nu-Grunge/Groove Metal band from Cape Town
Formed at the start of 2010 with Shaun Langford - Ex Nevermine (Vocals), Dax Brown - Ex FearStrike (Guitar and vocals), Wayne Shelver - Ex FearStrike (Bass) and Ramone Pickover - Ex Ill System (Drums)

"Tired of the monotony of the South African metal scene, with a “screamo” band around every corner, these four individuals (or four horsemen of the Apocalypse if you will) combined their powers to unleash the A-Bomb of sound, which is: ‘Arc Reactor’!

Fusing together new and old school metal sounds, songs range from heavy and fast paced (Fragile and The Witching Hour) to Tool/Korn-esque bastardization (I, Obsolete) and that is just the beginning of what is still to come." - taken from their ReverbNation page

Their Latest Recording - "The Witching Hour"

Vocalist: Shaun 'Shav' Langford
Guitars: Dax Brown
Bass: Wayne 'T3d' Shelver
Drums: Ramone Pickover


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Skollie! - Gypsy Pirate Punk From Another Dimension

Skollie! (from Durban, South Africa) is Jonathan Mackie's solo acoustic/folk punk project.
Think Peter Pan ingesting a concoction of the DIY Music of bands like the Ghost Mice and Andrew Jackson Jihad and creating honest, from the heart, youthful music that takes you on his personal adventures. So far he has 2 demo albums self recorded and released. His music is free to download so give it a listen.
Jonathan also plays bass guitar in the band 'Car Boot Vendors' who are shocking South Africa with their energetic, up beat acoustic punk and wild stage performances.

Skollie! - The Full Demo (Demo 1)

1 - Get Me Out Of Here
2 -You Can Hold My Hand
3 - Champ (Gypsy Pirate Punx From Another Dimension)
4 - Arthritis And Gout
5 - Blood On The Street
6 - Motala
7 - Flesh And Bone
8 - Happy Death Day To You
9 - Song For The Dead
Secret song - Sink Florida Sink (Against Me! cover song)

Skollie! - Demo Two (Home Brew Shoe Glue)

1 - This One's For Belinda (The Devil)
2 - Etekweni Fever
3 - Heart Of A Boy
4 - Sick City Slickers
5 - Feral Dog

Its a 'Folk Punk Revolution' so you better watch out!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Skelm Helm - South African Crust (Jozi)

South African Crust

Michal - Vocals (later bass & vocals); Rozanne - Vocals; Patrick - Guitar, Vocals; Rob - Drums, Vocals; Jonathan - Bass

Skelm Helm came together in early 2004 when the members decided they were tired of the bullshit poppy and commercial bands in the punk scene and wanted to provide a political crust alternative. They disbanded in 2005 when Michal went to live in another country. Patrick, Rob and Jonathan continued to form Hasten the Storm. Skelm Helm recorded 6 songs, which to date have never been released  ;)

But Here They Are!!! Download:

Skelm Helm - The End

The Skelm Helm logo was done by Rob. He has named his art style 'The Super Doodle"

Fuzigish - Punk/Ska From Jozi

Fuzigish is a ska punk band based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Formed in 1997. They have released 4 full length albums through their own indie punk label Red Ambulance, and have a fifth album on the way .
Fuzigish have toured internationally and shared a stage with Frenzal Rhomb, The Selecta, The Violent Femmes, Lagwagon, The Mad Caddies, NOFX, The Exploited,

The band has been on hiatus since the beginning of 2009, with members concentrating on various side projects such as "Rambling Bones" (Jay Bones), "Last Bout" (Rockwell) and "Architecture Of Aggression" (Big Willys).

Upcoming Shows = May 13th 2011 ( New Album Launch Party ) 
                               Cool Runnings, -Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg-

Fuzigish - Free Songs EP
This download includes their unreleased collaboration with Skwatta Kamp

This brings back many memories!
Fuzigish - Little Bird

And here is a video of Jay Bones pefrorming as "Rambling Bones" about two years ago at Zula Bar in Capetown that i filmed.
Ramblin Bones - Little Bird (I really love this song)

Current members are Jay Bones, Rockwell, Lee and Big Willy.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Subsided - Just For Fun (cpt)

Subsided was a Fast, Lo-Fi, Droney, Out of Time, Pop-Punk/Emo Band from Muizenberg (a beach-side suburb of Cape Town) with Silly Songs about Terpentine, Vitamins, Throwing Rocks at People, Blood Sugar Levels, and Dying slowly horibly and painfully... In short they really sucked and kinda liked it that way.

They recorded about five or six songs during band practices and played one show but fizzled out due to laziness (not mentioning names...cough cough ...Shaun ...cough cough) and someone not having time on weekends due to failing Afrikaans in high school with a term mark of 4%.!!! ...the studying didnt help and to this day when people speak Afrikaans to him he just stares blankly at them or plays with his toes or hair.(not mentioning any names...cough cough ...Shaun ...cough cough)

Subsided - 2002 Live Demo Song (They lost the other songs) ...tsk tsk tsk

Kai - Drums, Vocals
Daniel - Bass, Vocals
Shaun - Guitar, Lead Vocals ( ContraMundi / Sloppy Folk )

Touched By Nausea (TBN) - D-Beat from JHB ? :P

Touched By Nausea is a 6 piece hardcore punk/crust band from Roodepoort, JHB. Started in February 2005.
Bands they have shared a stage with include Solitary Confinement, AWOL, Red Brigade, Light Brigade, Skelm Helm, Hasten The Storm, The Hazards, TDKM, Gross Misconduct, Oi!Rothol, Dean & The Deadbeats, Killer Monsters, Insek, Scum Chums, and lots of Metal/Screamo bands...

TBN started as a 5 piece from 2005 to 2007. From 2007 to present, Rozanne (dual vocalist of Skelm Helm) did vocals in Brian's year absence in Europe. With Brian's return in 2008, TBN is now a 6 piece band with dual vocals. They have also adopted a new sound with the new lineup.

'Our message is basically to aware people of things that go on around them that they might not be aware of already (we don't know everything like other bands and people do)' 'Our AntiCopyright message is that we dont mind our music being copied and spread. We dont want limitations by major record labels who copyright bands. We want to cut out the middleman and take commercialism out of punk. We do feel that bands have their own creativity and we dont agree in copying ideas, lyrics, riffs etc. Just from the music sense, it can be copied.'- TBN

Download some mp3s from the widget on there site!

Their Second Demo Album Download:

Vocals - Brian & Rozanne
Guitars - Dean & Grant
Bass - Kamal
Drums - Christo

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Weeks Old (CPT PUNX)

Punk Rock Band From Cape Town South Africa
Released a DIY album in 2003.
(kinda early NOFX sounding Punk/Ska)
members later formed the crust / hardcore band
‘Sleeping At the Popes’

-Two Weeks Old - 2003

1- A.D.D (Authority Deficit Disorder)
2- Not Right
3- Rollercoaster
$- No Future
5- Why Respect A Leader Of Mass Destruction
6- Stand and Fight
7- Change
8- Strength Of All Nations

TwoWeeksOld were:
Alain Martheze: Vocals, Guitar  (‘Sleeping At the Popes’/'Enmity')
Francois De Vos: Bass  ('Enmity)
Jeremy Norman: Drums  (‘Sleeping At the Popes’/'Contramundi')
Ross Fenner: Guitar, Vocals  (‘Sleeping At the Popes’/Optimistic/'Enmity')