Saturday, 26 March 2011

Skelm Helm - South African Crust (Jozi)

South African Crust

Michal - Vocals (later bass & vocals); Rozanne - Vocals; Patrick - Guitar, Vocals; Rob - Drums, Vocals; Jonathan - Bass

Skelm Helm came together in early 2004 when the members decided they were tired of the bullshit poppy and commercial bands in the punk scene and wanted to provide a political crust alternative. They disbanded in 2005 when Michal went to live in another country. Patrick, Rob and Jonathan continued to form Hasten the Storm. Skelm Helm recorded 6 songs, which to date have never been released  ;)

But Here They Are!!! Download:

Skelm Helm - The End

The Skelm Helm logo was done by Rob. He has named his art style 'The Super Doodle"

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