Thursday, 24 March 2011

Touched By Nausea (TBN) - D-Beat from JHB ? :P

Touched By Nausea is a 6 piece hardcore punk/crust band from Roodepoort, JHB. Started in February 2005.
Bands they have shared a stage with include Solitary Confinement, AWOL, Red Brigade, Light Brigade, Skelm Helm, Hasten The Storm, The Hazards, TDKM, Gross Misconduct, Oi!Rothol, Dean & The Deadbeats, Killer Monsters, Insek, Scum Chums, and lots of Metal/Screamo bands...

TBN started as a 5 piece from 2005 to 2007. From 2007 to present, Rozanne (dual vocalist of Skelm Helm) did vocals in Brian's year absence in Europe. With Brian's return in 2008, TBN is now a 6 piece band with dual vocals. They have also adopted a new sound with the new lineup.

'Our message is basically to aware people of things that go on around them that they might not be aware of already (we don't know everything like other bands and people do)' 'Our AntiCopyright message is that we dont mind our music being copied and spread. We dont want limitations by major record labels who copyright bands. We want to cut out the middleman and take commercialism out of punk. We do feel that bands have their own creativity and we dont agree in copying ideas, lyrics, riffs etc. Just from the music sense, it can be copied.'- TBN

Download some mp3s from the widget on there site!

Their Second Demo Album Download:

Vocals - Brian & Rozanne
Guitars - Dean & Grant
Bass - Kamal
Drums - Christo

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