Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SKUNKS - Skunk it up (Ska-Punk from PTA)

Skunks is a Ska Punk band from Pretoria that has been skanking it up since late 2009. They have been playing extensively in PTA, JHB, VDBJL and even Bloem with their fast, dirty, Against All Authority on too much weed and beer Ska Punk Style.

If i could get to Pretoria i would be at every show!
check out this shit!


SKUNKS - Skunk it Up!
- http://www.mediafire.com/?adbd12ntd51zli9

Bruce Lee
Dogtown Lords
Educational Policies
Stand Up
Zombie March

Zman Ar Skunk - Drums & Vocals
Thean "Theans" Labuschagne - Vocal & Acoustic
Warren "Goldust" Gregorowski - Sax & Vocals
Jacque "Dries" du Preez - Guitar
Kyle "Beast" Gregorowski - Bass

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