Monday, 28 March 2011

Arc Reactor - Nu-Grunge/Groove Metal (from CPT)

Arc Reactor is a South African Nu-Grunge/Groove Metal band from Cape Town
Formed at the start of 2010 with Shaun Langford - Ex Nevermine (Vocals), Dax Brown - Ex FearStrike (Guitar and vocals), Wayne Shelver - Ex FearStrike (Bass) and Ramone Pickover - Ex Ill System (Drums)

"Tired of the monotony of the South African metal scene, with a “screamo” band around every corner, these four individuals (or four horsemen of the Apocalypse if you will) combined their powers to unleash the A-Bomb of sound, which is: ‘Arc Reactor’!

Fusing together new and old school metal sounds, songs range from heavy and fast paced (Fragile and The Witching Hour) to Tool/Korn-esque bastardization (I, Obsolete) and that is just the beginning of what is still to come." - taken from their ReverbNation page

Their Latest Recording - "The Witching Hour"

Vocalist: Shaun 'Shav' Langford
Guitars: Dax Brown
Bass: Wayne 'T3d' Shelver
Drums: Ramone Pickover


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