Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brain Cell - (Punk Solo Recording Project - Sampler Download)

 Brain Cell is the brainchild of Jon-Pat Myers the Guitarist for South African Punk band Toxik Sox. It is a solo project with Jon-Pat playing all the instruments and exploring different genres in an ongoing journey in 4 track mode that has lasted about 10 years now. Brain Cell have never played live and the current song count stands somewhere in the region of 300 plus, a selection of which have been compiled into 9 "Demo Albums" with an average of 15 songs per album.
Starting out with earlier power type punk and lately towards a more mellow and acoustic approach it is an ongoing work in progress and in a constant state of change.

Brain Cell is currently looking for a competent drummer and bassist to take some of this material out live.


Brain Cell - 9 Song Sampler
- http://www.mediafire.com/?t3nzzz5351m75m1

Brain Cell - Hate Religion (South African Punk)

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