Sunday, 27 March 2011

Skollie! - Gypsy Pirate Punk From Another Dimension

Skollie! (from Durban, South Africa) is Jonathan Mackie's solo acoustic/folk punk project.
Think Peter Pan ingesting a concoction of the DIY Music of bands like the Ghost Mice and Andrew Jackson Jihad and creating honest, from the heart, youthful music that takes you on his personal adventures. So far he has 2 demo albums self recorded and released. His music is free to download so give it a listen.
Jonathan also plays bass guitar in the band 'Car Boot Vendors' who are shocking South Africa with their energetic, up beat acoustic punk and wild stage performances.

Skollie! - The Full Demo (Demo 1)

1 - Get Me Out Of Here
2 -You Can Hold My Hand
3 - Champ (Gypsy Pirate Punx From Another Dimension)
4 - Arthritis And Gout
5 - Blood On The Street
6 - Motala
7 - Flesh And Bone
8 - Happy Death Day To You
9 - Song For The Dead
Secret song - Sink Florida Sink (Against Me! cover song)

Skollie! - Demo Two (Home Brew Shoe Glue)

1 - This One's For Belinda (The Devil)
2 - Etekweni Fever
3 - Heart Of A Boy
4 - Sick City Slickers
5 - Feral Dog

Its a 'Folk Punk Revolution' so you better watch out!

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