Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Misled vs The Terrorists split

Found this old Joburg punk split record in a box of discs that Jonathan had dropped off for Patrick.
Sorry for the image quality... My camera is kinda 'not good'.

Misled vs The Terrorists split

Punks for sale. It's yours to own! Phone now and place your bid...
Riot today
United we fall

The Terrorists:
Revolution rising
No God No Masters

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Touched By Nausea - Total Bloody Chaos (Split)

Roodepoort (SA) Punks 'Touched By Nausea' put out a split with North East Lancashire (UK) Punks 'Total Bloody Chaos' early 2012

The record consists of 9 songs

1-Touched By Nausea-Black heart
2-Touched By Nausea-Work For Yourself and Not The Company
3-Touched By Nausea-Innocence at War
4-Touched By Nausea-The Ecological Footprint
5-Total Bloody Chaos-They Fuck You
6-Total Bloody Chaos-Brain Dead
7-Total Bloody Chaos-Her Wish
8-Total Bloody Chaos-New World Order
9-Total Bloody Chaos-Black

'the pouch is a hand silkscreened patch on pleather (while stocks last - after will be normal black material) hand numbered and sewn with sick red cotton. cd print is a rubber stamped sticker label and inside sleeve printed on sick dark red paper. super DIY good on the inside and outside! be sure to get this!'

They still have stock, so download this and if you like it maybe pick up an original copy from the band


TBN is
Vocals - Brian
Guitars - Dean & Grant
Bass - Kamal
Drums - Christo

TBC is
Graham (Drums) 
Andy (Guitar) 
Skye (Bass) 
Doddy (Vocals) 
Jodie (Vocals)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Groinchurn - Already Dead (South African Grindcore)

Groinchurn was a Johannesburg, South African grind band and one of the first to obtain a record contract overseas, in this case with Germany's Morbid Records. The name was given to the band by a friend of Groinchurn's drummer Christina. The band was formed in 1993 with the trio issuing the demos Human Filth and Every Dog Has Its Decay in 1994. The band further released a split 7" EP with Captain 3 Leg and a live 7" EP. For Sixtimesnine the band travelled to Europe and toured with Krabathor and Sanity's Dawn. The favour was soon returned with Krabathor trekking across South Africa with the Brutal Truth-influenced grinders. The band released an Agathocles tribute CD in 1998 through its own Marbil Entertainment. Whoami was released in April of 2000 in South Africa and, with long delays, in autumn of the same year by Morbid Records elsewhere. The release gave the band the opportunity to tour the USA alongside Total Fucking Destruction. The album proved to be the last CD for the band.

The band is, was and always will be: Christo Bester, vocals and bass; Mark Chapman, guitar and backing vocals; and Sergio Christina, drums.

Already Dead 3" CD

'This disc may be tiny in size but it is has a gigantic sound. South Africa's premiere grind band unleashed this disc to not only serve as a teaser for their Morbid Records full length "Fink" but to give their loyal hordes of fans a very cool collectable. The disc consists of three new tracks that highlight the band continued growth and unrelenting exploration of all that is extreme in grindcore, one track from their split 7" with WOYZECH and two live tunes recorded in 1997 on their European tour with KRABATHOR. The band have always managed to walk a thin line between death metal and grindcore utilizing the stronger elements of both genres in forging their sound and this CD is no different. If words like "harsh" "fast" "blasting" "shredding" and, yep, even "brutal" are adjectives you like to see attached to the music you favor then there is absolutely no way that you can go wring with GROINCHURN. Ever.' - Jeb Branin

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

JV And The Carburetors - Crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk from Joburg

JV And The Carburetors were a crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk band from Joburg starting in 2010 and breaking up early 2012.
Members are involved with other projects such as The Moths & Brafcharge  

'The band has split up, so fuckoff!'
- Mike (Septic face ripper)
Brafcharge gig review, Rumours Lounge, 7 Dec 2012

Chris Cobra: Bass
Septic face ripper: Lead Vox
CorpseGrind: Guitar
Alex one-tit: Drums
Willie Olie: Backup vox
Kelsey Kuala: Willies manager/ sex goddess
JV And The Carburetors
(Previously Unreleased Demo)

a gig review by cami scoundrel : 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

2012 Cape Town Anarchist Bookfair

If, for just a moment, you watched or read in horror about the killing of the Marikana miners earlier this year and wondered how on earth it could be that this happened in our country or anywhere or in the first place at all; if you, even for just a second, questioned what this means about power-relations, economic distribution and political structures, or even had no such framed thinking but simply found yourself appalled by this reality so close to your doorstep; if you felt powerless or confused by the
images playing out in front of you, then the Anarchist Bookfair is for you.

Anarchy, anarchism, anarchist, synonyms and near alternatives are often discarded or regarded with great scepticism by many people. But all anarchists really stand for and desire is a free and just world for all. Isn’t that what most of us want?

It is in this spirit that we invite you to join us on 8 December 2012 for the second Annual South African Anarchist Bookfair at the Theatre Arts Collective on the corner of Wesley Street and Milton Road in Observatory, Cape Town.
Books will be aplenty. People will talk. (Not at you, but in conversation with you, to find solutions together.) Concepts will fly. A party shall be had! Come learn more about anarchism, its philosophy, its proud history of resistance and its visions for a sustainable, free and equal future. There will be a wide range of radical literature, music, movies, talks, yu-ummie vegan food and more. Doors open at 10am and close at 7pm, followed by an after-party in true anarchist style at the Armchair Backpackers & Pub around the corner from the bookfair.

As someone once said: “if you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone is thinking.”

Why not take your mind on the trip and find some novel thoughts with which to occupy it?

- loads of awesome books on anarchism and related subjects
- talks and workshops
- facilitated conversations on themes you suggest
- films throughout the day
- a Really Really Free Market
- an after-party with an eclectic mix of local musos
- naked insurrection in the streets

*** DETAILS ***
8 December
Theatre Arts Collective (cnr Wesley Str. and Milton Rd., Observatory, Cape Town)
After-party at the Armchair Backpackers and Pub from 7pm

*** OUR VALUES ***
The bookfair has a policy against authoritarian, oppressive, racist, sexist, queer-phobic, ableist, speciesist and other disrespectful behavior that works against collective liberation for all communities. Leave the prejudice, intolerance and domination at home! Actually, get rid of it altogether!

This space is kid friendly (music to parents’ ears!). We will have some delicious kid-liked food, face-painting, games and assorted activities, including supervision so that you can browse and stuff.

*** MORE INFO ***
For more information visit our website: or find us on Twitter:

You can also email us at if you'd like to get involved in any way.

To view a map:

Peace, love and anarchy,
The organisers of the 2012 Cape Town Anarchist Bookfair

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Too Much, by Make-Overs (PTA)

The fourth album from Pretoria Noise Rockers

This Free Download comes with a printable album sleeve with some awesome art!
Kilnerpark, Pretoria, South Africa

Make-Overs = A(guitar, vocals, loops) + M(drums, vocals, samples)

Even though the Make-Overs might have started off as some unidentifiable apparition lurking around the edges they have managed to methodically inch their way forward into the popular consciousness through intense self reliance, integrity, grit and determination.

With some highly regarded and influential past bands behind them, Andreas (Guitar/Vox) and Martinique (Drums/Vox) have come a long way together and for the last decade have released 30 full length albums in various projects. One of their previous projects of note was legendary local underground phenomena: Sticky Antlers, featured in Punk Rock in Africa (alongside the Make-Overs) as the Punk representative of Pretoria and voted “bright young thing 2009” in Art SA, as well as being mentioned in Mail and Guardian (Lloyd Gedey), Beeld, Sunday Times Magazine August 2012 (as part of Diane Coetzer’s article on great Rock Bands), The Weekender and having their debut self titled album released on Paul Riekert’s label One F Music. Unfortunately the Sticky Antlers had to disband after Damon Civin (Guitarist and general noise maker) was accepted on a full scholarship into Cambridge UK, and if you knew the Sticky Antlers you’d know not a single member could ever be replaced. The end of Sticky Antlers meant the beginning of something new and in June 2010, the couple realised that by stripping down to the bare elemental sonic needs they could create the full fledged sound that most 4 piece acts still can’t reach.

Any comparisons to other duo’s will be swiftly forgotten after seeing their fierce and frantic live shows, catapulting the audience into an unstoppable hypnotic state, with an electric stage presence that just can‘t be ignored and delivered with an unapologetic punk attitude. Initially seen as a garage rock/surf/punk band, but with the release of Centipede-sing-a-long and their recent live shows it’s clear that the Make-Overs have grown into more than just another “one trick pony“ creating a sonic template bursting with an endless stream of inventive possibilities that cut through you like a machete.

Frequently mistaken as siblings due to their matching red hair, Make-Overs is a manifestation of their unique relationship and their musical lifestyle.
With complete disregard for the popularity contest of today’s dying commercial music industry and an independent “do it yourself” work ethic, the Make-Overs have been doing things their way and with great success. In just over a year and a half the group has recorded three full length albums (Recorded on 16 track open reel tape and released on self run label The KRNGY Logo) and within a month after the release of MC1R on the 16th Chromosome (their debut album December 2010), the track Surfbored was picked up by legendary Chicago label Hozac records for their exclusive Hook Up Klub 3.

Playing numerous shows around Pretoria/Johannesburg in grimy clubs, on rooftops, warehouses, dilapidated buildings, festivals and art exhibitions the band also did a recent tour through Cape Town (December 2011) that started off with 6 shows and ended up as 25 due to the overwhelming positive response. Chances are good you have seen these two scrawny redheads carrying large amps and equipment down alleyways or looting pawn shops for junk guitars and analogue recording machines of yesteryear. With an infectious old school attitude and the passion, know-how and talent to back it up this electric duo will change your mind as to what’s allowed and possible between two people who love making music together.

“Brimming with sinister pummeling and frantic guitar scree all pumping over nasty vocals ensured to bring your blood to a quick simmer.” - HoZac Records

“You know when you see a band and they just have something special? In my opinion, no-one can touch them.” - Jon Savage (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Currently the Make-Overs are writing and recording their fourth album, and plans for another Cape Tour later the year seem very likely. Recently Make-Overs recorded a single at Open Room Studios with Jon Savage, Darryl Torr and Alan Shenton for possible future collaboration on their upcoming record label.


• MC1R on the 16th Chromosome (December 2010, the KRNGY Logo)
• Surf Bored 7” single (Hozac Records, Exclusively available for Hookup Klub Round 3-
• By Natural Selection (September 2011, the KRNGY Logo)
• “Jungle Seizure” was one of the tracks selected for the Garage Punk Hideout Compilation series which is an American hosted and run site.
• Centipede-sing-a-long (April 2012, the KRNGY logo)
• Too Much? (June 2012, the KRNGY logo, FREE ALBUM:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

V/A - Delinquents Disco - Volume 1 - Holding Cell

V/A - Delinquents Disco - Volume 1 - Holding Cell

Comp Album Of Some Of The Bands Who Played Wynberg Sports Club, Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2004.

*This CD is no longer in print*


Mental Junto
Armour For Nightmares
LP Show
Hi Trailor
Hog Hoggidy Hog
Sleeping At The Popes
Half Price
Three Chord Theory
Captain Stu & The Llama's
Awful Truth
Red Brigade
Three Bored White Guys
Man In Suit
7th Son


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"The Tubby Wilsons" were here!

The Tubby Wilsons were a “Stoner Pop” Durban Band
With members of Low Profile, Sibling rivalry and Nadar…

You_Surf- Vocals Bass
The Beard- Vocals Guitar
Nadar- Drums

"All I remember is the coffee and getting kicked out of Splashy Fen…"

 Some recordings were Released Jun 16, 2007 by The Tubby Wilsons. Album Titled Stoner Pop.
And some recordings were Re-released by We Did This Records Feb 24, 2012. Album Titled The Passion Of The Beard / Recorded Evidence Of Our Existence / Stoner Pop 

Get It Here:

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Skuff Mullet - Audio + Anarchy !


From Durban, South Africa Skuff Mullet are a bad ass punk band bringing the underpants back to the underground.

They are available for gigs at very reasonable rates (a couple beers should suffice).

Mutiny (CapeTownPunk) - 2 Songs


"We started in about March 2007 as an idea that we hoped might get somewhere. At first we were shit and now we are still shit, but listenable and perhaps slightly enjoyable. Since then we’ve played a number of shows, most of them have gone pretty well. We need to thank everyone who comes to our shows cause there aren’t too many of you. Especially the guys from TDKM. ... Recordings, all done by Jay Thomson."
-Mutiny (SA)

Solitary Confinement - The Slinky Bastards / Just A Drop In The Ocean

Solitary Confinement - The Slinky Bastards / Just A Drop In The Ocean

Solitary Confinement - Started early 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
The band consisted of four members. 
They started the band in the hopes of it becoming a form of free education.
-Ryan: Guitar,Vocals.
-Rodan: Bass,Vocals.
-Michael: Guitar,Vocals.
-Jonathan: Drums
*Fuck SA Punk!

Sibling Rivalry - Durban After Dark


Durban Based four piece Punk / Ska outfit Sibling Rivalry pack a punch with Durban After Dark.
The album was made available for free download from their site (which no longer exists) 

Steve - Drums, Matt - Bass & Vocals, Badger - Guitar & Vocals, Haydn - Guitar. 

"It’s immediately obvious that these guys are deeply influenced by the nights and sounds of their city by the sea, and are striking out in their own direction with a pocket full of reference. Yes, Stone City is in many ways similar to LA or for that matter Sydney or any other surf city around the globe, but what makes Durban Durban is that it is an African city, and it shows in the songs on this album. Getting into their stride, “Our Concert Arenas Are Dingy Bars” makes various references to the familiar landmarks and capers that anybody from the city can recognise as the authentic experience, and not the one reflected in glossy brochures aimed at tourists. This is the grittier subculture of the city which spends time ‘under the Umgeni Bridge’, rocking the parking lot, dopping quarts at the Willowvale and skating deserted midnight streets."-Travis Lyle (Levis Music Mag) "Over the years, Sibling Rivalry have gravitated from a straight up punk rock sound to something that more resembles “world music.” Influence-wise, Sibling Rivalry are like a sponge. They soak up a little bit of everything they hear and see around them, throw it in the Sibling Rivalry blender and bang it out with heart, passion and conviction. On Durban After Dark, there's a strong influence from California prog-rockers RX Bandits, Cape Town's The Rudimentals and I often found myself singing Sublime's line, “Down here at the pawn shop.” But Sibling Rivalry smear those influences with African rhythms, seriously-grooving basslines, punk rock and Mary Jane, and what you're left with is 100% their own. Anger, frustration, heartbreak and broken hearts, dingy bars and a sense of brotherhood and togetherness that's contagious. By now, they're probably the biggest band in Thailand."- Yusuf Laher (Blunt Magazine) "Infectious, accomplished, capturing rock 'n roll with spontaneous abandonment wrapped up with a swaggering rhythm section and you have an album that will keep you pushing the repeat button"
- Claire Angelique (Sunday Magazine) ..