Saturday, 15 December 2012

Groinchurn - Already Dead (South African Grindcore)

Groinchurn was a Johannesburg, South African grind band and one of the first to obtain a record contract overseas, in this case with Germany's Morbid Records. The name was given to the band by a friend of Groinchurn's drummer Christina. The band was formed in 1993 with the trio issuing the demos Human Filth and Every Dog Has Its Decay in 1994. The band further released a split 7" EP with Captain 3 Leg and a live 7" EP. For Sixtimesnine the band travelled to Europe and toured with Krabathor and Sanity's Dawn. The favour was soon returned with Krabathor trekking across South Africa with the Brutal Truth-influenced grinders. The band released an Agathocles tribute CD in 1998 through its own Marbil Entertainment. Whoami was released in April of 2000 in South Africa and, with long delays, in autumn of the same year by Morbid Records elsewhere. The release gave the band the opportunity to tour the USA alongside Total Fucking Destruction. The album proved to be the last CD for the band.

The band is, was and always will be: Christo Bester, vocals and bass; Mark Chapman, guitar and backing vocals; and Sergio Christina, drums.

Already Dead 3" CD

'This disc may be tiny in size but it is has a gigantic sound. South Africa's premiere grind band unleashed this disc to not only serve as a teaser for their Morbid Records full length "Fink" but to give their loyal hordes of fans a very cool collectable. The disc consists of three new tracks that highlight the band continued growth and unrelenting exploration of all that is extreme in grindcore, one track from their split 7" with WOYZECH and two live tunes recorded in 1997 on their European tour with KRABATHOR. The band have always managed to walk a thin line between death metal and grindcore utilizing the stronger elements of both genres in forging their sound and this CD is no different. If words like "harsh" "fast" "blasting" "shredding" and, yep, even "brutal" are adjectives you like to see attached to the music you favor then there is absolutely no way that you can go wring with GROINCHURN. Ever.' - Jeb Branin

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