Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Touched By Nausea - Total Bloody Chaos (Split)

Roodepoort (SA) Punks 'Touched By Nausea' put out a split with North East Lancashire (UK) Punks 'Total Bloody Chaos' early 2012

The record consists of 9 songs

1-Touched By Nausea-Black heart
2-Touched By Nausea-Work For Yourself and Not The Company
3-Touched By Nausea-Innocence at War
4-Touched By Nausea-The Ecological Footprint
5-Total Bloody Chaos-They Fuck You
6-Total Bloody Chaos-Brain Dead
7-Total Bloody Chaos-Her Wish
8-Total Bloody Chaos-New World Order
9-Total Bloody Chaos-Black

'the pouch is a hand silkscreened patch on pleather (while stocks last - after will be normal black material) hand numbered and sewn with sick red cotton. cd print is a rubber stamped sticker label and inside sleeve printed on sick dark red paper. super DIY good on the inside and outside! be sure to get this!'

They still have stock, so download this and if you like it maybe pick up an original copy from the band


TBN is
Vocals - Brian
Guitars - Dean & Grant
Bass - Kamal
Drums - Christo

TBC is
Graham (Drums) 
Andy (Guitar) 
Skye (Bass) 
Doddy (Vocals) 
Jodie (Vocals)