Thursday, 24 March 2011

Subsided - Just For Fun (cpt)

Subsided was a Fast, Lo-Fi, Droney, Out of Time, Pop-Punk/Emo Band from Muizenberg (a beach-side suburb of Cape Town) with Silly Songs about Terpentine, Vitamins, Throwing Rocks at People, Blood Sugar Levels, and Dying slowly horibly and painfully... In short they really sucked and kinda liked it that way.

They recorded about five or six songs during band practices and played one show but fizzled out due to laziness (not mentioning names...cough cough ...Shaun ...cough cough) and someone not having time on weekends due to failing Afrikaans in high school with a term mark of 4%.!!! ...the studying didnt help and to this day when people speak Afrikaans to him he just stares blankly at them or plays with his toes or hair.(not mentioning any names...cough cough ...Shaun ...cough cough)

Subsided - 2002 Live Demo Song (They lost the other songs) ...tsk tsk tsk

Kai - Drums, Vocals
Daniel - Bass, Vocals
Shaun - Guitar, Lead Vocals ( ContraMundi / Sloppy Folk )


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  2. Dude the link is dead. Re-upload it please.