Monday, 11 April 2011

Car Boot Vendors - Folk Punk Madness (DBN)

Car Boot Vendors are a Folk/Punk band from Durban Stone City

"From a very young age I remember the early morning Sunday car boot market, just opposite the race course in Greyville Durban. My parents, never really gave me
pocket money, instead they would say, “why don’t you go and sell some stuff at the car book market for some extra money”. Even though I’ve always considered myself middle class it’s these early working class principles that shaped who I am today.

When I was 14 I got my first 6 string and I’ve been messing around on it since then, every so often going back to the market to make a few extra bucks.

The market to me represents not everything but a lot about Durban. You can buy t-shirts for R2, kitchen appliances for a spare penny and even computer software! It’s vibrant, packed and colourful, it’s dingy and chaotic, it’s fierce yet o so friendly.

So when my brother bought me a new acoustic for my 24th birthday I picked it up straight away and started writing songs, songs that I had never had the chance to write until now. Names popped in and out of my head on what the project could be called, being stuck in a big house in Bangkok Thailand gave me all the time I needed and before long I had around 9 songs which are slowly being worked into our set.

When I arrived back from my travels overseas the first thing my parents said to me is “why don’t you go back to the car boot market to make some extra money” and it clicked that in some strange way that little old market at the bottom of the hill represented everything about the music I was currently making. I might be a middle class kid, but I’m a working class musician. Catch The Car Boot Vendors in a park, parking lot, open mic session or pub near you soon."
- The Vendor(Matt 'The Beard' Wilson)


Car Boot Vendors - Home is Home EP

Car Boot Vendors - The Flop EP

Beard - Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals (Sibling Rivalry)
Justin - Drums
Skollie! - Bass/Uklele/Vocals
Meaty One - Uklele/Hussling

Past Vendors:

Gay Ray - Snare/Tambourine
Ross Roten - Guitar/Vocals

Guest Vendors:

Purity Mkhize - Vocals
Badger Mcfur - Organs
Paul "Skeg" Jones - Bass
Bobby Son - Bass

Band Interests:
Smoking, drinking, partying, hanging out at The Pub, hanging out in car parks outside nightclubs, getting into trouble for wanting to play shows in public spaces and on peoples car roofs. Trying not to get arrested. Busking, sharing meals, sharing booze, sharing spliff, sharing everything. Being broke, being a qualified 24 year old still living with your parents. You know... the usual

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