Monday, 16 May 2011

War on Salt - blues influenced skate punk (Cpt)

War on Salt played blues influenced skate punk with ska here and there. War on Salt was a Cape Town based band which was started in 2000 with original members Graeme, Arjuna and Luke, who all went to the same high school (Pinelands High). Graeme Danger, left the band mid 2001 to start the band False Pretense. Josh Merifield then joined and the band recorded the 1st and only War on Salt (self titled) album. In 2003 shortly after War on Salt split, members of WOS and False Pretense joined forces and took a complete change in musical direction, starting the funk rock band, "The Allstar Funk Four"

Random fact about war on salt = War on Salt once consisted of a vegan, a vegetarian and a carnivore

War on Salt were:
Arjuna Kohlstock (guitar/ vocals)
Luke Bolus (drums)
Josh Merifield (Bass)
Former member (Graeme Danger - Bass)

War on Salt - 3 track Ep

The Allstar Funk Four had a short but exciting musical journey, having recorded an EP (The Party Rocking EP) and a full length album (Control Alternative Delete) both produced by Arjuna Kohlstock. The band also went on to claim the 1st prize in SABC 3's 'Pump Up The Volume' - basically a version of pop idols for bands.
Shortly after this the band split up in December 2007, Arjuna left for Sydney, Australia and Luke moved to Durban to pursue religious studies. Upon Arjuna's return to Cape Town 6 months later he joined the up and coming Indie Rock band, The Plastics, in October of 2008. The Plastics are still very active in the Cape Town music scene.
Graeme Danger went on to start the group The Boombox Troopers who are due to release their debut EP in July 2011. Graeme maintained a good working relationship with Arjuna, who produced their EP, Life After Zef, for them. 
Joshua Merifield currently plays in the Cape Town based band, Black River, who do not yet have any recordings released.

some stuff on War on Salt:

*thanks go to Arjuna Kohlstock for providing SAPD with the MP3s and text for this post*

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