Friday, 6 May 2011

The Carniwhores - Jozi Fakabili!

"With Death Valley Blues Band on break, Cami Scoundrel began losing her mind without Rock'N'Roll (as any good Ghoul would). Zam Boney, recent member of The 'Dogs, was looking for a good time gig band while Slashdogs decreased the amount of live shows to focus on song writing for the new album. A chance Jam materialised, and the ever ready Submachine and DVBB drummer Storm Awesome came along for the ride. Now, a Fakabili Three piece, The Carniwhores are ready to get your creepers a' stompin', your pompadours a' floppin' and your Leopard print covered hips a' swayin'

Move those Bones to the Rock'N'Roll!" - from facebook

 The Carniwhores-The apple sessions EP

Zam Boney - Vocals and Slick SiX String
Cami Scoundrel - Vocals and Bull Fiddel
Storm Awesome - Vocals and Demon Drums

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