Sunday, 7 August 2011

Gross Misconduct - Unforgiving Sky EP

Gross Misconduct are a Progressive Melodic Punk Rock band fom Johannesburg, SA.
If you like "Propagandhi" or "Rise Against" it's a good idea to check these boys out!

They'r a four-piece band hailing from the East Rand of Johannesburg. Originally formed in 2002 as a three piece band, Gross Misconduct soon became a renowned stage act with their musical versatility and social / political commentary and support of animal rights.

Members are:

Mark Misconduct: Vocals
Craig Hart: Guitar
Justin Hart: Bass
Brad Misconduct: Drums

Gross Misconduct - Unforgiving Sky EP (Feb 2011)

And heres the video for the song "Unforgiving Sky"

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