Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Purity of Arms טוהר הנשק by Marmara Streisand

Here we have an anarchist punk rock band from Israel with ex-members of South African punk bands Outrage, Clandestine, Skelm Helm, Hasten the Storm... and more (Michal & Rob)

maramara Streisand is a five piece crust and roll band out of Israhell.
We came together in the winter of 2010 out of a strong need to express our aspirations in the form of lousy music. Our music is as much a product of the occupation as any other horrible thing that was born here, but we have chosen to use our frustration at society to tear down instead of build even more walls. Band members come from three continents and have played in lots of obscure and/ or crappy bands everywhere. We are united by our love of music, vegan food, unicorns and giraffes
But seriously now: being part of the local punk scene we see the lack of political content within our community. We do not wish to escape or ignore the place where we live. We don't want to pretend we live in Berlin or that we are skating in Oregon. We wish to confront the place where we live and the mentality of apartheid that surrounds us. This is not like playing a show in Alabama, thank you very much Mr. Biafra. Our music may reach a small minority that sometimes find it hard to accept our direct and radical approach to local politics but our lyrics reflect our need to confront society on a daily basis.
We don't want want shallow co-existence we want meaningful co-resistan

  The Purity of Arms טוהר הנשק by Marmara Streisand

released 12 December 2012
Rob: Drums&Vocals   ( South Africa )
Johanna: Violin&Vocals
Maya: Guitar&Vocals
Michal: Bass&Vocals  ( South Africa )

Marmara Streisand "Nailed to the wall"

Marmara Streisand "Robinson Crusoe"@Pussy Riot benefit gig

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