Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jon Shaban ( Cape Town Folk Punk ) @ The Brass Bell & Armchair

Jon Shaban plays guitar and saxophone for Cape Town band, Captain Stu.

He also has a project named "Jon Shaban and the Suave Koalas"

These are two songs from that group and three cover songs that We Did This Records (Shaun) recorded bootleg style after missing most of the show, at The Brass Bell in kalk bay, due to arriving late.

released 22 September 2012

Art by Shaun - "I wanted to draw a koala bear but i ended up drawing a dinosaur...
Shit happens"

Jon Shaban & All These Wasted Nuts playing Open Mic At Armchair In OBS, Cape Town
(November 2012)

Jon Shaban playes folk music that i would place next to bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad. Warm and heartful with an edge.

All These Wasted Nuts is Shaun from previous bands such as ContraMundi and Sloppy Folk. He playes sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes complete and sometimes incomplete solo folk songs.

I guess you would call this a Folk-Punk or Anti-Folk record