Tuesday, 22 October 2013

HOURS by Hours (Durban)

When people grow up, their views change. You probably feel differently about almost everything, right now, compared to the way you did, back when you were younger.

Pauly Shore films: that shit was hilarious – now they're close to unbearable.

Meteors: As adults, we think they’re the most kick ass thing ever. They’ve made valuable contributions to science and our comprehension of space and the universe. They just freaking rule.

But as kids: we hated them. We blamed them for taking away what we loved most: the dinosaurs. They were the worst thing ever.

Point is: there are very few things that you still feel the same way about – from adolescence through to adulthood. For the dudes in Hours, that thing is pop punk.

In 2010, Matt began writing some songs and recording them at home without much intent to actually do something serious with them. Then one day, hanging out with his homie, Marc, he was convinced to get the fuck into a studio, record the tracks professionally, and release an EP through Marc's label, High Seas Records. So he hit up Bro Studios and recorded some of the shit he had written – with him nailing all guitars and vocals, and Paul (Bro Studios engineer) drumming. Some time after that, he showed the material to another homie, Ally. Super stoked on it, Ally immediately got involved, picking up bass duties and co-writing, alongside Matt, on what was left of the EP. Hours is practically a collaborative effort between friends, with different musicians featuring and playing their respective instruments on the EP.

We have a pretty fucking sweet time doing this shit.