Thursday, 13 February 2014

Punk Fuck: A Glimpse Into Soweto's Punk Scene

TCIYF - by Leigh Lobotomy
Welcome to Soweto's emergent punk scene. Hope you survive the experience.

The JHBLive team take a look behind the scenes at Punk Funk, the second event bringing punks from throughout Johannesburg together for one massive gig in Dube, Soweto.

*Shot & Edited by Cale Waddacor

To read our full feature article, 'Peaceful Punks Of Soweto', go here: Here

"We want to see young kids interested in instruments. We want them to turn away from the commercial bullshit that spews garbage about bling and chains. This is real music and we want real people keen on it." - Mbuso "Moose" Zulu

*Interviewees: Clint Hattingh, Sechaba, Pule, Moose Zulu
*Performances: Black Magic Moonshine, Loui Lvndn, The Deaf Commission, Afgepis, Death Pegasus, T.C.I.Y.F, Brafcharge, The Carniwhores, The Moths, The Left-Overs, Fridge Poetry, The Slashdogs, Home At Last, Brainwreck, Jonny Joburg

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